No Delay

This is the continuation of our series that shines the spotlight on quality Gospel projects coming from the shores of the United Kingdom. Check here to get to previous UK reviews.

Proving that musical creativity can never be exhausted, Re:Mission lifts up an offering of moving and lovingly-crafted praise and worship on No Delay.

Re:Mission CDBased in the UK Midlands near Leicester, this small church-based vocal ensemble demonstrates an innate ability to pour out personal heart cries to Jesus Christ, wrapping them in gorgeous, simple original melodies with just a touch of sensitive and soulful urban flair.

Under the direction of worship leader Steve McGregor, and propelled by producer/arranger Steve Thompson, Re:Mission frequently uses unison lines to establish the melody praise before digging into more intricate harmonies and weaving vocal arrangments.

Trumpet, flugelhorn, woodwinds and the usual assortment of keyboard and percussion drive the vocal lines, always helping, never interfering.

The project is best heard in its entirety —it’s a worship service on CD. That makes it particularly hard to pick out tracks, because isolating one without considering the songs sandwiching is an injustice.

Not that there’s no highlights however. Guest vocalist Tracey Riggan is fabulousRe:Mission on the upbeat “How Can I”, a relentless jam that expresses incredulity at self for ever doubting the Man who is our Saviour.

“Even So” speaks of God’s incredible mercy in loving us, even though He knows our faults better than we do. Marlene Kerr excels with a delicate vocal that is colored with tenderness of tone as resonant choir harmonies cascade around her solo.

Kerr delivers again, this time with sister Melanie Kerr on “The Keeper”, an unforgettable praise to God for His almighty power and his ability to keep us in perfect peace.

Other unforgettables on No Delay are Raul D’Oliveria’s brilliant, squealing, latin-inspired trumpet on “Centre of Your Presence”, and the gentle island reggae influence of “Every Step”.

In fact, it’s not an exaggeration to say that the entire album qualifies as a memory keeper.

Producer: Steve Thompson
album release date: 2000
Remission Music UK

— reviewed by Stan North

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