Dear Lord

Brothers T-Jay and Drew Gibson have soaked their debut sounds in an unusual combo of old-school soul vocals and flow-school hip hop beats.

Remixx is their name and Dear Lord is their first project, coming from Word Entertainment.

With gritsy voices that defy their ages (both are in their early twenties), and hailing from California, the duo join with Phillip Armstrong on tracks and production, and also co-write their material. It makes for a consistent vibe from tracks one through eleven.

Cuts such as “You Make Me Say…” bring hip hop flava on beats with guest rapper Cameo injecting a brief rap amidst T-Jay and Drew’s vocals. The song describes not being able to express in words how deep their love is for God. In T-Jay’s ReMixx CDown words, “sometimes you just got to say ‘Mmm., mmm’ because there’s no other way to communicate that impact. He says He understand the moans and groans of your heart. So, Drew and I both say ‘Wow’ a lot!”

Story-telling forms the basis for several tracks, beginning with the opener, “7 Times A Lady” which is an old-school ode to their mom. Other themes tackled are restoration (“I’m Ready”) and persecution (“Don’t Mess Around With My Faith”).

Other songs bring out testimony and personal triumph. “Joy” has a throwback sound —soul balladry with some nice 70’s-ish synths that is rare to find on discs today. “I’m Never Gonna Leave You” is in the same musical vein, with a little more of a groove.

“I’d Rather Be With You” stands out for its different approach. Slow balladry with resonant harmony layered on top, the song was conceived as a video. According to ReMixx, they pictured themselves “stepping onto the stage at the Apollo, and these girls rushing the stage. We know we’re singing this song about God but when all these girls come running at us, we have to find a way to point them back to God. So we say, ‘we’ve got something for you, but it’s not what you think it is!’

These brothers have stories to tell and a definite word to give. For that reason alone, Remixx is a good listen.

Producer: Phillip Armstrong
album release date: October 16, 2001
Word Entertainment

— reviewed by Stan North

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