Rhema Soul

As a music genre, hip hop and rap music have had a huge influence on pop culture. Catch-phrases birthed in the genre, while perhaps resisted at first, often become part of everyday conversation. The influence that it has on youth is huge and not to be ignored. The lyrical content coming from many mainstream rappers is frequently demeaning to women, with references to drugs and sex. All that to say that the refreshing sounds of Rhema Soul is so crucial.

CDAs a trio of husband and wife (K Nuff and Butta P) together with Juan Love, they also use the production skills of close friend, 21-year old G Styles. They are slated to take the world by storm with their new release, Fingerprints. Their stated purpose is to make a lasting impact on this generation for Christ (leaving their fingerprints). The production is crisp and definitely up to par with mainstream production, with lyrics that are uplifting, encouraging and fun.

The lead single "Boom Box" is just the way to go for with its hard-hitting beat and dope lyrics that are Christ-centered, but is not overtly preachy. "Blow Your Whistle" cuts hard lyrically as the emcees examine themselves and the weaknesses that they individually deal with. The track is potent with a boom bap that will keep heads nodding.

The camaraderie and chemistry amongst the group members is evident; every rhyme and hook flows well into the next. Peep "Champion", a song about dealing with overcoming limits. Butta P sings the hook showcasing her other talent while Nuff uses his chops to lace the slow, but hitting "Never Lay Low".

"Fly Away" is a deep and autobiographical look at some painful situations. This is one cut that you have to give a few listens to fully appreciate the message. Check the ballad, "Save Me", a song in prayer format that intercedes for the salvation of this generation. This time, both K Nuff and Butta P sing the verses and chorus while Juan Love brings poetry.

Rhema Soul know how to properly balance the piercing messages with the club bangers. G Styles steps from behind the boards to aid in the catchy and nod-worthy "Beat Go". The title track brings the message of leaving a lasting impression of Christ in the lives of those with whom they come in contact.

Forsaking the "cookie cutter" approach and embracing the "out of the box" ideal, Fingerprints is relevant, musical, thought-provoking and real. In fact, call it among the choicest of albums issued so far this year.

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Production: G Styles
album release date: 2010
Good City Music

— reviewed by Dwayne Lacy

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