Ricky Dillard & New G
Keep Living

He's one of the newest additions to the Light Records family, but this seasoned and master choir director is certainly not an unfamiliar name! After over 20 years in the Gospel industry, we can always count on him for new and fresh material. He's known to be the one who can pull vocal power out of any group or chorale, and he's none other than Ricky Dillard.

Dillard and his world-renowned choir New G, return with their latest album, Keep Living.

CD The project opens up with the album leading single, "God Is Great", an upbeat song proclaiming the goodness of God filled with those classic New G arrangements, modulations, and strong vocals. The title cut, "Keep Living", features Crystal Rucker who adds her signature power and effective delivery.

Daniel Moore's "Destined For Greatness" has been around for a minute but New G delivers with their flawless approach and breathes new life into the song. This song amongst many others on this project, is already on their path to joining the ranks of Dillard's finest hits.

Jermia Cannon might have just set up the church with their new pre-service anthem, "Speak a Word". The song speaks to the worshipper, crying out for a fresh and on time word of God.

In my opinion, every Ricky Dillard project seems to give us cuts to get down on, and "He Turned It" is one of those. This will definitely be one you would want to see live.

Grammy Award winning Karen Clark Sheard joins New G on "The Sweetest Name" adding her soaring soprano power to the song.

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Nikki Ross, considered by many to be one of the greatest best-kept secrets in Gospel, returns to her New G family for "He's Been That Good" and a nice cover of Walter Hawkin's "Strange". Prepare for your churches to be wrecked on both songs, as the passion and energy from New G fills the atmosphere immediately.

It's clear that Dillard is a proud of his vocal protégés, as Lavarnga Hubbard, Jonte Landrum Thomas, Michael Stuckey, and Lillian Lloyd hold their own on songs such as , "Because Of the Blood", "My Soul Says Yes", and " I Am Saved".

Keep Living is a clear indication of the strong family unit shared between Dillard, his choir, and his band. Michael Taylor, Derrick Hearne, Brent Easton, DeShaugn Boyd, Quadrius Salters, Floyd Thomas, Isaiah Sharkey, and Phillip Lassiter prove to be seasoned in their delivery and craft.

This year has so far has proven to refreshing in new music, and this latest delivery from Ricky Dillard is doing its part in that regard. You will do yourself a disservice by not adding this one to your collection.

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Production: Various
album release date: April, 2011
eONE, Light Records, Animated

— review compiled by Martin Williams

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