Rodnie Bryant and CCMC
My Father's Business

Rodnie Bryant and CCMC CDOn My Fatherís Business, Rodnie Bryant and CCMC leave behind the rugged vibe heard on their acclaimed Heís A Keepa project, opting for a studio-polished collection of tunes orchestrated by producer and keyboardist, Cedric Thompson.

With a collection of songs penned by some well-known writers, Byrant and his Indianapolis choir resonate on several cuts. Prime among them is the remake of Darius Brooksí hit made popular by The Tommies, "Great Things". This classic reverberates with a thumping bass line from Maurice Fitzgerald, and that great vocal presence that CCMC is known for.

Bryant looks to songs from Lamar Campbell elsewhere on this record. The hip hop groove of "I Will Sing A New Song" (with special flows from Tyscot labelmates Righteous Riders) and the mid-tempo "Lift Him Up" are among them.

However itís "Safe In Your Arms" that stands as the highlight of Campbellís contribution. The song has alto Lela Springfield as lead soloist and is marked by a lovely melody that CCMC softly folds into the mix of laid back synths, enhancing the comforting message contained in the lyrics.

Rodnie BryantAnother song that impacts strongly is "A Testimony", from the pen of Kayla Parker. This one relies on only the bare necessities of instrumentation —focused drums, clapping and occasional chording from keys — with CCMC picking it up vocally with a stomping ride of all-out exhuberance of the goodness of God through it all. Bryant, Chrystal Carpenter and Diane Davis offer leads. While Bryant may not be known for his solo skills, he shows on this track that he can swing it with the rest.

Ballads figure prominently on this project, with Rusty Watsonís, "He Just Can Not Fail" a lengthy triumph of slow rising power. Building to its punchy conclusion, Lela Springfield steps in again, singing of the absolute mercy, love and compassion of our God, who cares for each of us personally and individually.

"At The Feet of Jesus" is another worthy slow cut, with plenty choir harmony in support of Chrystal Carpenterís heart rendering. And the tri-song "Hymn Medley" serves us well with Bryantís fresh musical arrangement that keeps to the essence of the church favorites it references.

The feel of My Fatherís Business is somewhat of a departure for this well-known choir, but shows that they are a versatile group, able to handle studio finesse with equal determination and as they do in the grittier approach heard on their previous albums.

Producer: Cedric Thompson
album release date: June, 2001
Tyscot Records

ó reviewed by Stan North ó

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