R. Swift

R Swift is respected by many in the Holy Hip Hop genre, and also generates cross genre appeal. He is candid about the death of his infant son, Rodney Jr.; even after having endured such traumatic loss, he says the peace of God has kept him through this time, and he is back with a new release, Anthem.

On this release, R Swift is still delivering gritty rhymes, songs for those on the "block", banging beats, and thought provoking lyrics. Production is handled mostly by Israel and Marv 4 Mo Beats with additional production from Lavester, Jas Knight, Teddy P and Theory Hazit.

On this project, Swift picks up where he left off on Swiftbox, letting people know where he is and that he will not be put in a box while on his "soapbox'. He's no theocratic rapper just trying to satisfy people. He's in his lane; (the place he feels God wants him to be).

CD  The title song is a guitar-laced jam that showcases the incredible lyrical flow by Swift, which is done effortlessly. Marv 4 Mo Beats handles production.

On "No No No", Swift, Sho Baracka and Jahaziel each take turns spitting about salvation and not going back to their old ways of living. Produced by GP, the song goes up another notch when the beat slows down and Monty G SMASHES his verse.

Lead single, "Awesome God" is just beautiful, but still banging with its Dirty South beat and the popular chorus being sung by a group of children. This is a Hip Hop worship anthem!!!

Barack Obama made history by becoming the first African American president of the U.S. —R Swift sends an open letter to him via his very real and possibly controversial, "Mr. President". Serving as a "block correspondent", he brings up issues including crime rate, lack of jobs in the hood, teen pregnancy, abortion and a few others. He also pleads with the President to seek God's wisdom while also urging him to be the person he claimed to be in his campaign, when he said he was a Christian.

Other good songs to check out are Swift's foray into singing with "Chased" and the ode to Christian women on "That Girl" featuring Psalmist and Butta P; which was produced by Jas Knight.

No one should overlook the R&P flavored, "Held Me Down" in which he speaks of the death of his son and regaining a relationship with his earthly father. This song displays the strength of the relationships he and his wife have with God.

Say whatever you'd like about R Swift, but he is consistent and he does not spend time bashing those who don't use scripture in their raps. He does however, minister to those without hope in Christ.

Anthem is an album to be picked up.

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Production: Various
album release date: Fall, 2009

— review by Dwayne Lacy

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