Ryan Rutley

Music from the heart of God, as interpreted by keyboardist Ryan D. Rutley, is showcased on Reflections, a 12-track disc that provides inspiration for every day.

Rutley, a Michigan native and graduate of Wayne State University, shares the storied history of most PKs (preacher's kids), that of finding their place, often without choice, serving in ministry alongside their parents and other siblings.

CDThe eldest of five sons, Rutley found his knack in music and quickly mastered multiple instruments from the keyboards to the drums. The Rutley brothers would follow in the footsteps of other famous families in Michigan and form a singing group named Connection, where each brother developed their inimitable song styling as well as writing and production skills. In the midst of building his musical foundation, Ryan Rutley came into a deeper revelation of God, and immediately began to cultivate a heart for worship and a sensitivity to operating in the prophetic.

On Reflections, Rutley pulls on the expertise of fellow band members Charles Clark and Levi Baker on drums, Darryl Bebee on saxophone and a little family reinforcement from his brother Darrick on bass to give definition and expression to the music. (Darrick Rutley also gets an opportunity to showcase his vocals on "Your Grace is Amazing", an easy-listening adaptation of "Amazing Grace".) "Sonlight" gives the listener a 'Ben Tankard meets Commissioned' vibe, while Marcia Willis and Contessa Davis lend vocals to the electronically driven "Everyday (is Sweeter)". "Healing" and "Meditation of Strength" providing soothing melodies, while "Latin Praise" rounds out the disc with its synchopated rhythm and get-in-the-groove-to-move undertones.

Reflections earns both great praise and a coveted spot in your CD rotation.

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Production: Various
album release date: July, 2015

— review by Gregory Gay

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