Sean Slaughter

Somebody say "Come up!" That's exactly what Sean Slaughter has done production wise on his latest joint, Prototype. Still bringing the lyrical heat and not holding back his fervent pursuit of non-believers, the emcee enlists the help of Prose to produce.

CD  If this were Vegas, and if Slaughter was a gambler, then this would be the jackpot. Prototype is one of those albums where you really do not have to skip over a track. It just kills all the way through.

"Go" is a hard-hitting banger featuring C-MO (BRC shout out) who blazes with his tenor vocals. On the slowed-down potentcy that is "Got Em Again", Slaughter loudly proclaims the Gospel of Christ. This cut deserves many listens, but proceed with caution when in your car because the speakers will get some serious work! BANGIN'!

Slaughter is a veteran in his genre, constantly keeping his ear to the street for current hotness, evidenced by the relevance and focus on the jam "Log In". Then insert, "The Light" and you get a total bragging on Christ and how His "light" brings the greatest high in life. Wait...there's more. The beat is a simple boom bip with video game samples topped with synth rhythms.

On "Get At U", everyone's favorite guest rapper, D Maub, packs in the energy that you expect. Together with Slaughter, he explains the reason they work and spit so hard is simply to get the Gospel out to the streets.

You can never go wrong with Canton Jones as a guest. The chart burning emcee croons and brings added flavor on the pulsating, "Survivor". On "Hands Inda Air", the interesting combination of a staccato beat and the Casio keyboard sound works well and proves again that Prose is a force to be reckoned with as far as production is concerned.

Sean Slaughter serves as a great example of what happens when you refuse to be complacent, as he keeps getting better. Prototype stands as one of the most impressive Hip Hop releases in 2010, and it's all the greater to know that it's from an artist serious about spreading the Gospel.

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Production: Prose
album release date: August, 2010

— review by Dwayne Lacy

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