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Hip-hop fused with R&B is as proven a commodity as peanut butter and jelly at a summer camp. They just go together.

Such can be said for the blazin’ combo of Sean Slaughter and Mona J. While both have had successful urban runs, their latest venture is one for the ages —and almost guaranteed to turn the urban gospel world on its ear.

CD Just Add Water is what we’re talking about, a twelve-track collaboration from this combo that shows just how easily these two urban outlets can mesh.

With Slaughter as the emcee and Mona J handling the vocals, the duo represent the Tidewater, Virginia area with skills and a vocal flow that together showcase the region’s strong urban prowess.

Individually, each artist effectively holds their own, as both have solo tracks. Mona J shines strong on “Can U Feel Him” and “Get Away With U”, both of which explore her passion for solid intimacy with Christ.

Meanwhile, Slaughter steps hard with the gritty and street-savvy “Move” and “Watch For The Thief”, the latter providing eschatological content rarely found in hip-hop these days.

As lethal as they are individually, when they team up we’re talking heat like the Hebrew boys felt. This vicious combination launches the project with the infectious “The Recipe”, which plays off the album’s title.

One of the most notable strengths of Just Add Water is its potency and lyrical relevance. Rather than focusing on popular topics covered in the gospel genre, Slaughter and Mona go after several everyday issues universal to both the believer and unbeliever. In so doing, they effectively offer Christ as the Solution to all issues.

Check out the creative party favorite “Hot Jam Cold Beat”, the rush hour anthem “Traffic”, and the socially relevant “Get It In Check”, which addresses the seemingly identical issues that occur both in and outside of the church.

Without question, Slaughter and Mona J have an urban gem on their hands, offering proof positive that hip-hop and R&B, when blended expertly, can’t be beat. This tandem has proven that these raw elements are most effective when we Just Add Water.

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Production: Sean Slaughter, Mona J
album release date: September, 2006
Slaughter Music/ Eagle Eye Entertainment

— reviewed by Gerard Bonner

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