Sev Statik
Speak Life

 CD It's a bird...it's a plane...it's Sev Statik leaping tall buildings in a single flow by flexing his vocal skills and spitting out a seamless rap stream that effortlessly ripples through the air like a lyrical cape.

Don't let the big "S" on his chest fool you; Sev Statik earned his stripes fifteen long years ago on the streets of Albany, New York, and is now an honored member of The Tunnel Rats. Speak Life is the title of Sev's first solo album; it embodies his wit, style, flow, vibe and soul.

After a decade of waiting in the wings, Sev gives listeners a peek at where holy hip hop is headed, and has all the makings of one of those timeless classics, such as SFC's "Saved Man" or "Phase III", that you will reach for years from now and find that your head picks up where it left off, and immediately begin to bob.

The album boasts 17 well-carved tracks in addition to 3 interludes, with production from Dert, Peace 586, Dave Digler, and DJ Cheapshot. Guest emcees include Deepspace 5's Listener and Tunnel Rats allstars New Breed, Zane and Raphi.

The project also features the "head cheeses" of the Tunnel Rats, LPG, and introduces new members DOKument and Propoganda, dismissing any notion of a selfish artist.

Interview with Sev Statik
Click for review Gospelflava.com took a few moments to find out some more information from Sev Statik. Here’s his words:

1. Where did you get the name Sev Statik? What does it mean? And how long have you been in the rap game? (Sev Statik's answer)

2. How did you become a part of the Tunnel Rats? (Sev Statik's answer)

3. How does your music differ from other artists? What sound are you looking for to set you apart? ? (Sev Statik's answer)

4. Do you think that the holy hip hop industry is doing its job to reach people? ? (Sev Statik's answer)

5. What projects have you appeared on as far as being featured on or producing? (Sev Statik's answer)

6. What is the main thread of your latest release, "Speak Life"? In other words, what did you wish to accomplish with this release? ? (Sev Statik's answer)

7. What are some future projects we can expect to see you on? (Sev Statik's answer)

Shooting out a generous dose of hip hop laced with positivity and faith, Sev`s effort ranges from earthy, sample-based selections to rugged East Coast tracks. Abstract collides with bangin' beats and creates an audible hip hop playground.

"Over The Influence" is a hypnotic track that will leave heads in traction after noddin' so long. Another triumph is title song "Speak Life" which experiments with a surreal, tranquil, instrumental back drop as Sev detours from his edgier ways and displays a calmer side of his style.

He shows his ingenious skills in "Disappear", which is chained to evocative piano chords as he describes the severe nature of the experience of a victim of rape; this verbal illustration authenticates Sev's signature on hip hop.

Sure, Sev Statik has been featured on countless albums and is prominent as an active member of The Tunnel Rats. But here he steps into something new, defying the law of gravity with slow motion, high flying verbal acrobatics.

Perhaps the ultimate manifesto of the album is the certified smash hit single, "M.I.C", a feel-good song marinated with Latin rhythm and with a vivacious chorus that sums up the entire project in a few simple lines:

I rock the M. I. C. for the world
Blazin' new trails for us to set sail
It's the S-E-V don't stop
Put your hands up it's about to get live.

Producers: Various
album release date: November 19, 2002
Uprok Records

— review by Brenda M. Ingram II

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