Sheena Lee

New artist Sheena Lee delivers her debut inspirational project entitled, Destiny.

This fresh face in Gospel and Inspirational music brings nine tracks of hope and encouragement, and as a triple threat, she infuses elements of pop, CD R&B and soul into her offerings. With her bright tone and voice, this seasoned vocalist has a story to tell, with music that has a relevant tone that will connect to a younger audience.

Bishop Hezekiah Walker joins Lee on "Cry for Grace", a heartfelt plea for the grace and mercy of God to fill the heart of every believer dealing with tough times. Lee's relevant message of hope flows throughout the project on songs such as the title track, "In the Red", and "Praise".

Get ready to dance and bob your head to the beats as the stellar production has rhythm 'n praise embedded throughout. With a voice is reminiscent of that of Jai, Jaci Velasquez and Stacie Orrico, Sheena Lee's pure and warm tone is guaranteed to capture the hearts of many.

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Production: Andy Mineo
album release date: September, 2013

— review by Martin Williams

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