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Siani CDTheir intriguing name is an amalgam of the first of each of the three female members of this fresh UK group.

SianiSimone, Agery and Nicholle drop gorgeous vocals over a variety of remixed sizzling urban backdrops.

The colored textures of each of their voices is the first thing to strike the ear. With two commercially-released EPs to their credit, and a full-length project cooking in the wings, here is a group that those watching the future of Gospel need to heed.

The first EP, released in 2001, is a four-track set of “We Ain’t Got No”. The album mix is juiced with a pounding bass line with assorted clangy percussion, as the Siani CDintertwining vocals carry the melody to heights, with some sweet key modulations. The song says that we haven’t got time to lose in this life, we must let our lives shine.

The Whiteboy Remix from studio mastermind Patrick “Whiteboy” Antoni gives more play to the vocals, with a heavier bass intro’d underneath. Progressing to organic dance, the Miss Cherokee ‘Flygirl’ remix brings severe head nod, while the Lab Ratz UK Garage Remix creates a stir with re-arranged vocals (plus extra guitar and keyboard from Dave Hyde) and serves to round out the EP.

On Siani’s followup EP, five mixes of the single “Missing U” are thrown down. Whiteboy takes reigns on the album version this go around, dishing out plenty of
Nicholle Says a Word...
Nicholle of Siani Group member Nicholle gave Gospelflava.com a little background about what Siani's two singles:

"The song "We Ain't Got No" just talks about us making the most of the time that God has given us, and not wasting a moment. You know even though times are rough and the enemy tries to bombard us with his tricks and lies, we can always rely on the Lord to pull us through."

"Missing U" is really a prayer. Sometimes as Christians we go the opposite way from where God is really leading us, and the song just simply says that 'we're missing you, Lord' and recognizing that we cannot make it on our own."
soothing synths to envelope the mid-tempo harmonies. The song is confessional, an ode to getting back to God after a degree of backsliding.

Things get quite a bit spicier on the "Miss Cherokee mix", a danceable beat being added to the cut. The "Linslee mix" wallows in less musical busy-ness, the sparseness of the track putting the focus more on the vocals. Complex garage beats dominate on the "Code Red mix", and the "Adrian McKenzie mix" offers a speeded-up version with appeal.

Siani is urban cream from the UK, and all ears are leaning towards later in 2002 when the full project becomes available.

In the meantime, the diversity of mixes available over the span of these two songs is more than enough to keep the appetite whetted.

Producers: Various
EP release dates: 2001 and 2002
Kyra Melodies

— reviewed by Stan North

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