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GOSPELflava.com Presents: Something On The Inside: An Inspirational Collection of Songs

Since the late 1990's, GOSPELflava.com has been a mainstay in gospel music.

Early on we were challenged with the age-old question of mixing and mingling the Gospel with mainstream music and artists. Since the placement of blues chords in Thomas Dorsey's gospel, to the inimitable riffs of Sam Cooke and the super mellow of Marvin Gaye, the co-mingling of "secular" sounds and gospel music has held mystique and controversy.

CD  In 1999, GOSPELflava.com set out to celebrate and explore this category of music with a column called "The Last Song on the B-Side", referring to mainstream A&R's pattern of placing an inspirational tune last on an album, or cassette, as it were.

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It's a tradition that has given us such classics as "Jesus Is Love" by The Commodores, Howard Hewett's "Amen" and Stevie Wonder's "Have A Talk With God". Today, generations of church kids, preachers' children, choir members and worship leaders have become marketplace evangelists - not in the church marketplace - singing praises on mainstream, international stages.

We believe this doesn't muddy the waters, as past history would suggest, but that it expands the reach of the Gospel.

Of course today, the medium has changed —no more albums or cassettes— and there is no longer a B-Side. But no matter the packaging, the Message of the Gospel still remains.

It is in celebration of this music that we present to you a collection of songs by some of today's hottest artists and a reminder that while man looks on the outward appearance, that God looks on the heart. (1 Samuel 16:7). He looks for Something on the Inside.

List of Songs on the Album:
  1. "Help Me" - Dave Hollister
  2. "I Surrender" - R. Kelly
  3. "I Get Joy" - Coko
  4. "I Know Who Holds Tomorrow" - Kelly Price
  5. "Not Alone" - Brian McKnight
  6. "Today" - Ledisi
  7. "Pass Me Over" - Anthony Hamilton
  8. "Love Thang" - Michelle Williams
  9. "Testimony" - Mary J. Blige
  10. "Endow Me" - Faith Evans, Fantasia, Lil Mo and Coko
  11. "Favor of God" - Angie Stone
  12. "Troubled World" - Faith Evans featuring Kelly Price and Jessica Reedy

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Production: Various
album release date: October 26, 2010
Light Records

— review by Melanie Clark

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