Take 6
Feels Good

Take 6 launches out on their own label with Feels Good, a heady, 12-song set that won’t disappoint anyone who’s grown up on this, the ace of a cappella outfits.

Comprising Mark Kibble, Claude McKnight, Alvin Chea, Cedric Dent, Joey Kibble and David Thomas, Take 6 do what they’ve always done best — hone in on hummable CDmelodies, package them in irrepressible harmonies, and wrap them all up with inspiration and rhythm and pop enthusiasm.

Look for the title cut, a Mark Kibble composition that describes the joy of walking with the Lord, to put a spring in your step, with those classic vocalized rhythm pops and snaps the group is renowned for serving to anchor the cut. On the gratitude-infused “This Is Another Day”, Take 6 give a nod to their doo-wop roots.

A couple of cover songs make notable appearances on the album, beginning with perennial Twila Paris favorite, “Lamb of God”. Just in time for Easter, the melody placed in Take 6’s care takes on extra meaning with softly poured tight harmonies emphasizing God’s grace in providing His Son as the sacrifice for our sin.

“I’ll Never Turn Back”, the spiritual that always seems to find an audience every season, is given a bit of twist, with Dave Thomas adding acoustic guitar to the mix of wordless vocals. The song is dedicated to Eric Calvin Ward, the late pastor of Oakwood College Church.

On “Family Of Love”, which gets the nod for album highlight, Take 6 showcase their impossibly tight harmonies and razor sharp tuning. The song, which beautifully describes the brotherhood of God’s family, was also presented by the group on the compiliation Songs For A Purpose Driven Life (see album review).

Feels Good certainly does, and is yet another star in Take 6’s crown.

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Producers: Mark Kibble, Cedric Dent, Dave Thomas
album release date: Mar, 2006
Take 6 Records

— reviewed by Stan North

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