Tammy Trent
Set You Free

Set You Free CDBack in 1997, Tammy Trent dropped her sophomore project on Light Records that turned heads with her rhythmic and airy soul approach, courtesy of Fred Hammond and crew who were heavily involved in production and instrumentation.

Now with Sparrow, Trent emerges to pull another soul/pop gem out of the fire with Set You Free, again with the significant touch of Hammond. But this time it’s Mark. While no relation to Fred, Mark Hammond follows the path laid by his namesake, bringing his considerable Gospel experience to the table, and surrounding Trent’s flexible voice with a groovy soundscape.

So it’s no surprise that his handiwork (“I Do Believe” and “Light of Love”) comes filled with a lightly urban energy and bounce. The latter cut is a prayerful ballad splashed with gentle guitar, and stands as one of the pop highlights of the set.

Trent also finds herself at home with producer Todd Collins (of DC Talk fame) on two songs, and with Michael Linney on another two vibe-laden compositions. Linney’s work on “If You Need Love” and “Everybody Move With It” puts him in the urban league, and it’s these cuts that wave that banner on this CD.

Helping to driving the groove of “Everybody Move With It” is the under-recognized Lisa Kimmey from Out of Eden with backing Tammy Trentvocals (she also co-writes), as well as mix-master DjMaj, who lends his verbal rap play to the proceedings (catch his CD review here). Trent is no bystander to her guests, as her forceful soul delivery easily fits into this danceable track that exhorts celebration for God-given freedom.

On the lyrical tip, Trent’s easy spirit and zestful energy gives life to this 10-track expression of joy, thankfulness and gratitude for grace. Artists like this are always a joy to listen to.

An altogether enjoyable album, Set You Free offers a juicy selection of pop and soul that should find a home with Gospel fans, if they would only take the plunge.

Producers: Michael Linney, Todd Collins, Mark Hammond, Quinlan, Joey P.
album release date: June, 2000

— reviewed by Stan North

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