Tammy Trent
Sunny Days

After taking some time off, Tammy Trent has returned with Sunny Days. Trent couldn't have chosen a better title, as you feel the light of love throughout the entire project.

No stranger to the industry, the artist has been featured on TBN, uP, and CBN. She explains that this new musical offering has, "brought her to the CDmost beautiful season on personal journey". Though the road to this album has not been easy, she feels that she had to live the messages on this album in order to deliver them to God's people.

Trent co-wrote 8 out of the 10 tracks, and fills it with strong melodies and messages of hope and encouragement. Even with five projects under her belt, she feels this album truly captures everything that was important to her.

As you began to play the album the tone of a true worshipper comes forth. The lyrical content is pure and refreshing. "All these songs are my way of responding to God's sustaining grace in my life", says Trent. Songs such as "Welcome Home", "Your Grace Is Enough" and "Stronger Now" will add sunshine to your life as they build up and strengthen the believer.

Get ready to dance on tracks such as "Sunny Days", "Glow in the Dark", and "I'm Running". As Trent states, "I love to dance because it is so freeing and injects so much fun and joy into my life".

Tammy Trent's joyous heart shines through the entire project; listeners are in for a treat. After listening to Sunny Days your day will be brightened and your spirit will be lifted.

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Production: Doug Beiden
album release date: August, 2013
September Day Records

— review by Martin Williams

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