Tasha Cobbs

With a passion and desire to simply put a "smile" on God's face, praise and worship leader Tasha Cobbs presents her debut project, Smile. Recorded live at Higher Living Christian Church in Atlanta and filled with luscious harmonies, heartfelt lyrics, and a sold-out message of dedication, the album will prove to be a staple in contemporary Praise and Worship.

Cobb's experience and training in her service as executive director of worship at Dream Center Church of Atlanta (under Pastor William Murphy III) shines through as she effectively brings the word in song. Get ready for eleven tracks of transparency, truth, and testimony.

CD  The title track is a personal song of devotion asking God to accept her worship with a prayer that it is pleasing in His sight. The leading single, "Happy", is true to its title and will cause you to lift your voice in praise exclaiming, "Your life saved my life".

As the album continues to unfold, the beauty of the live recording shines through as the listener is taken on a continuous worship flow. "Without You" leaves you in reflection as it asks the question, "Where would you be without God?", reminding the believer that He's the one who keeps the world going around and makes all things new.

Cobbs teams up with Vaughan Phoenix for production and it proves to be a great match; the project proves to be a great introduction. Background vocalists and Benedict College Gospel Choir flow nicely under the direction of Christopher House (who also serves as Musical Director and on drums). Keyboardist Zachery Brunson and Michael Able give their all and play with conviction and passion. Bass guitarist Chabra Mercer adds his personal touch to each track.

Smile features all-new songs written by Cobbs with the exception of "All Day" written by Murphy, who joins her in duet on the song. Rod Lumpkin's, "Heart of Worship" is also featured and intensifies the pure worship tone of the project.

When you simply need to smile, this is the project for you. The joy and happiness that exudes from the project will lift heavy hearts and serve as a refreshing. Real, authentic, and pure worship are just a few things that can be said about Smile. While Tasha Cobbs might be a new artist on the scene, nothing on this project is that of a beginner, but one who truly abides with Jesus Christ.

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Production: Bishop Fritz Cobbs, Vaughan Phoenix, William Murphy
album release date: July, 2010
Cobbs Ministries

— review by Martin Williams

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