“This album is different than any record I've ever made... period. The title says it all. It's gospel, it's funky, it's fun and it makes you want to boogie”


Veterans are rare in the field of holy hip hop. Peace 586, E-roc, Sup The Chemist are a few. With 12 years and five albums under his belt, T-Bone also easily fits that bill.

CDThe original West Coast rider is back with his fifth album titled gospelalphamega-funkyboogie-discomusic. You may not be able to say the album title five times fast but you will give repeated daily spins to this potent project.

This 14-track project demonstrates how the street preacha has grown and matured within the industry, as T-Bone brings out several of his different sides.

The "Hip Hop Announcement" shows the rapper’s flair for the funny, as pal King Tech delivers a monologue guaranteed to make you chuckle.

From there, T-Bone kicks his West Coast funk as only he can. "Once Upon A Time" is a slick smooth-ridin' jam where T-bone becomes very transparent and speaks about his life before coming to Christ. T-Bone continues to work with his famed ORC (Organized Rhyme Crew) and longtime production partner Chase lays down some slick guitar licks at the end of the track —worth a second listen.

About the Album
T-Bone No doubt, T-Bone has the corner on the West Coast funk market. As if to emphasize the obvious, the album title of this latest CD is a direct reference to Parliament’s song "Aqua Boogie (A Psychoalphadisco-betabioaquadoloop)" from their Motor Booty Affair project from the 70’s. The album art also bears the marks of the influence, you might say.
The ORC is just the beginning of his collaborations on this project. KRS-One makes an appearance on the album's title track, returning the favor of T-Bone's controversial appearance on his Spiritual Minded project. There's a special chemistry that happens between these two hip hop legends.

T-Bone also teams with the hot West Coast talent Bobby Ross Avila, who produces "Still Preachin'". This sizzler celebrates T-Bone's longevity in the game and gives you an appreciation for the battles that the street preacha has gone through.

E-Dog checks in on "Can't See Us" while Mista Grimm stops through on "Dippin'". Here, T-Bone hits us with his trademark linguistic switch as he flips between English and Spanish flow.

Perhaps the most notable contributions to the project are "Pop Ya Colla" and "Our History". The former is a street jam that has T-Bone talking about his success and more importantly, the Lord's ability to expand territories and bring spiritual and natural success. This track is all about ministry and is destined to lead listeners to Christ.

"Our History" is unique in that it chronicles the history of Holy Hip-Hop, giving major props to hip hop legends including SFC, D-Boy, DC Talk, Mike-E and the originator, Stephen Wiley. It will definitely help you appreciate the history of the game.

From start to finish, T-Bone has done it again. Gospelalphamegafunkyboogiediscomusic is nothing but the truth!!

Producers: Jeffery Falls, Chase, Grant, Bobby Ross Avila
album release date: November, 2002
Flicker Records / Boneyard Records

— reviewed by Gerard Bonner

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