Ted & Sheri
...The Healing Starts Right There

Both Ted Winn and Sheri Jones have been around for more than minute. You’ve heard both before, probably in several different contexts.

Ted has sung with Richard Smallwood as member of Vision and Sheri has sung with Donald Lawrence’s Tri-City Singers. The two met during the days with The Voices of Binghampton. They have abundant skills, and together their voices wonderfully intertwine with contrasting textures and nuances, perfectly made for each other.

Ted & Sheri CDBut that’s not really what their long-awaited Church Howse Music debut is truly all about.

Gospel music should firstly be about ministry, and that is so very evident here, from the title of the project on out. Ted & Sheri …The Healing Starts Right There embodies a musical ministry of God’s healing power —pyschological, spiritual and emotional, a healing that both Ted and Sheri have experienced first hand.

And as these two vocalists profess, their songs minister as much to themselves as to those to whom they are reaching. That ‘inside out’ approach always seems be the way effective ministry works.

Musically, the production acumen of Myron Butler, Donald Lawrence and Tonéx come together to ensure a contemporary, soulful and appealing vibe.

“Come Ye Disconsolate” is one of many memorable cuts on the album. With Tri-City Singers supporting, Ted & Sheri bring back the inspirational soul classic made popular by Donnie Hathaway and Roberta Flack. Bobby Sparks on organ and Shaun Martin on piano set the old-school tone as Ted & Sheri harmonize.

Also revived is Andrae Crouch’s “I’ll Be Thinking of You”. Todd Parsnow (of Kirk Franklin and 1NC renown) adds an acoustic guitar touch to the rhythm track.

There’s plenty of urban twist on the project. “Thank You” sets the ear afire with orchestral synths and drums torching the melodic, hook-filled composition. Tonéx checks in with “Stronger”, a simmering ode to the realization that our trials come to make us stronger. Gospel’s Nureau kid writes, produces and adds backing vocals for the duo.

The richly melodic “When You Pray” —the first single from the album, also comes courtesy Tonéx. Slow tempo’d, the song has vocals up front, and brings in some tasty key changes.

Ted & Sheri
Bishop Kenneth Moales’ sermonic excerpt sets up “Work The Middle”, a percolating gem that emphasizes that God is the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega, meaning among other things that it’s up to us to take our responsibilities and follow our call, to ‘work the middle’.

Producer Butler excels at expertly balancing the rhythmic textures of the track with the vocal track where Ted & Sheri take the song’s crucial message to vocal heights.

“Ted & Sheri’s Song…The Healing Starts Right There” is the obvious signature piece on the project. Penned by Winn and produced by Butler, the ballad begins with the two in unison amidst shuffling rhythms before venturing into respective testimonial and encouraging solos from both. The song defines the album, and is a crystallization of the message that Ted & Sheri bring to the table.

This is a wonderfully strong debut on all fronts for Ted & Sheri, and an auspicious first project from Neily Dickerson’s Church Howse Music.

Producers: Myron Butler, Ted Winn, Tonéx, Donald Lawrence
album release date: August 7, 2001
Church Howse Music

— reviewed by Stan North

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