Soul Sessions

Shabach Entertainment has a reputation for introducing gem artists —Lisa McClendon and Pettidee are but two. The label returns to the scene with the neo-soul stylings of Leon Timbo.

CDTimbo makes his solo debut with Soul Sessions. He’s no stranger to the industry, having played a significant role in McClendon’s Soul Music project, adding arrangements, background vocals, and co-writing the track “Truth Is”.

Timbo’s 12-track effort is a colorful conglomeration of neo-soul stylings fused with relevant lyrics that address the totality of the life experience. No matter the subject, the album is bathed in an evident love for God as Timbo freely expresses his feelings on several aspects of life.

The issue is respect for women on "Relax & Chill", as Timbo gives his lady the freedom to enjoy life and music. He continues to show his love on the relaxing and fun "Baby You Are a Star".

On the gorgeous ballad "The Day Love Didn’t Come", he expresses his successes and failures with love. Colored only by the backdrop of his acoustic guitar, Timbo’s vocals reflect his transparency, allowing everyone to relate to the ups and downs associated with love. “Love is More” continues on this vibe and is another good one.

CDIn a time when successful interpersonal relationships in the Kingdom seem to be in jeopardy, Timbo is to be applauded for penning songs about finding success in this area. Tracks such as "Don’t Call, Come Get Me" fall in that category, and he also handles uptempo grooves well with slick cuts like “Gotta Dance” and “Pain”.

Timbo continues his transparency but switches the subject matter to focus on his relationship with God on the uptempo "All of You", which he uses to express his excitement about God’s direction for his life while stating his need for God in his totality.

Other cuts such as "Where You Are" and "I Need You Again (desperate)" speak to Timbo’s honest passion for God. It is both revealing and encouraging to hear such genuine emotion translated so skillfully in song.

This collection of Soul Sessions is appropriately titled, and Timbo and his crew have delivered a gem of a project. The honesty, transparency, and musical skill are second to none and is a welcomed return to the industry for Shabach Entertainment. It’s a must have for your collection.

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Producer: Mo Henderson
album release date: May, 2005
Shabach Entertainment

— reviewed by Gerard Bonner

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