Minister Timothy Britten
& Shabach Praise Co.
Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus

As the music director for the late Rev. James Moore (read tribute), it is hardly necessary to explain that Minister Timothy Britten has something to bring to the table.

Finally emerging on JDI Records with his own project, Britten, working together with his Shabach Praise Co. choir, presents a commanding project filled with many of the hallmarks of a keeper disk: great songs, soul-laden solo power and above all, unforgettable singing.

CDRecorded in his home base of Baton Rouge, Louisiana (at the Interdenominational Faith Assembly), Britten writes and arranges much of the material on the album, and Shabach Praise Co. easily do it justice with their tight vocal work, close vibrato, phrasing and richly textured color.

The tone of the album is set right away with the opening title track, “Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus”, which has Britten himself on lead vocals. With a driving traditional groove, choir and soloist spar back and forth in testimony.

Britten then returns to the James Moore smash “Victory Is Mine” (first heard on the Live at Jackson State University album –the CD with Rev. Moore unmistakeable that bright red tunic). This time, it’s the inimitable Jerrod Woods who takes over the solo duties, imparting his soulfulness to the song.

The song was written by organ maestro David Blakely —who makes his presence known throughout this project with his usual impeccable work behind his instrument, together with several others in the band who had a long association with Rev. Moore. That includes Jimmy Wyatt (organ/keys) and Donald Hayes (horns).

Also not to be missed is “I Got The Victory”, an uptempo, testifying-laden number that recent 2004 Stellar Award Talent search winner Micah Stampley takes even higher, pouring his tenor butter on top of the choir’s raucous part interplay.

Shabach Praise Co.Aronda Johnson interprets Britten’s new, bluesy, arrangement of the ageless classic “Yes God Is Real”, relying on her heavy alto tones do bring home the cut.

Jimmy Wyatt’s piano intro (with Blakely’s organ echoes and sustained strings in the background) leads up to Nancy Armstrong’s measured solo lead on “In Excelsis Deo”. Then DeNetria Champ increases the expecations even further for her upcoming solo project with her fine work on the soulful ballad, “It Will Last”.

JDI Records has made a name for themselves over the years by investing in quality Gospel (for example: Norman Hutchins, Chester Baldwin, Pastor Woodrow Hayden & Shiloh, Alaska Mass Choir) —the kind that doesn’t bow to fad, and therefore never fades into dated oblivion.

Rest assured that Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus follows in that glorious pattern. You’ll be returning to this album for some time to come.

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Producer: Timothy Britten, James Roberson
album release date: March 2, 2004
JDI Records

— review by Stan North

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