Pronounced Toe-Nay

There are some significant changes to this long-awaited re-release.

You still have all the songs, minus the funky "JAMBO" (which couldn’t get sample clearance in time for the release date). Divided into sections, you get an eclectic sampling of everything Pronounced Toe-Nay CDranging from hip-hop to retro to funk to jazz and more. Experience the past 3 years’ hype, and understand it.

And on the topic of sampling, we finally get to peek into those credits to see just what is sampled, where. Thanks to Andrae Crouch (on “Restoration”), Suga (title track), Michael Franti of Spearhead (“As I Played”), the obvious James Brown segments (“Real 2 Me”) and copious Al Green references, we get some of the ingredients for these hits.

The last section of this 21-song musical novel is brand new for the re-release. Bonus tracks. These would be lengthy remixes of the title track (the remix re-titled as “P.T. 2001”) and a ‘92105 myx’ of “One Good Reason”. Massive hip-hop efforts both, they are chock full of new vocals, pertinent rap tales of the Tonéx story since 1997, and full-fledged T.Boy production and effects. It’s alternatively laugh-out-loud funny, seriously severe and intriguing.

Other changes? Some additional artwork inside the liner notes, new thank yous and shout-outs, and a baby soother replacing the happy face on the disc itself.

So go get yourself this 75 minutes of this ancient, now-classic, future musical art.

Producer: T.Boy
album release date: September 26, 2000
Jive, Verity, Tommy Boy Gospel, MSS Records, Rescue Records

— reviewed by Stan North

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