Go Get Your Life Back

Donald Lawrence & The Tri-City Singers
Go Get Your Life Back

The creative force that is Donald Lawrence continues to roll with Go Get Your Life Back.

The multi-master’s love for theatre and stagecraft is evident throughout this fifth project from The Tri-City Singers, from the breezy artwork to the theme of encouragement and re-energy woven throughout the lyrics, to the feel-good wonder of the musicality of it all.

 CDThe over-riding emphasis —the thesis — is that God desires and encourages us to get back on our feet after sorrow, to live our lives in His joy.

The infectiously happy “The Best Is Yet To Come” encourages and heartens. With Lawrence’s frequently-present house-inspired beats, the tune bounces and builds up. At nearly nine minutes of exhortation the tune is given deserved prominence on this project.

Going hand in hand is the title track “Go Get Your Life Back”, tightening the thematic thread for the project. Ann Nesby gives dimension to the cut. Known for her time with Sounds of Blackness, the one-of-a-kind diva drives home the forceful reminder that the enemy has no power to take you out. God’s command to live and His promise to add life is greater than any amount of loss experienced.

Interview with
Donald Lawrence
CD "As a child I always loved incredible vocalists, not just those with a lot of ability, riffs and tricks —don’t get me wrong I love those too —but I love singers with a lot of heart...."

Read the full interview with Donald Lawrence.

The plethora of the Prayer of Jabez books, and paraphernalia has now made its foray into music. And now, as if it were a self-fulfilling prophecy, the territory of the Prayer has been enlarged to Gospel. Lawrence touches his pen to “Bless Me (Prayer of Jabez)”, adding to the original workings from Andrae Crouch. Orchestra conducted and arranged by Lloyd Barry for The Nashville String Machine creates a majestic atmosphere for the tune.

Bishop Walter Hawkins puts his indelible mark and voice on “Seasons”. Flowing acoustic guitar by Reggie Graves atop understated organ by Chris Morris sets the delicate beginning for this song of affirmation and confirmation. Lawrence trades off verses with Hawkins who in his way takes the vamp to the point of controlled frenzy.

There’s also the clearly Hawkins-scripted “Lord, I Try”, pulled from Tramaine Hawkins 1976 project and beautifully interpreted by Erica Bratton-McCollough.

The signature vocals Arnetta Murrill-Crooms appear on “Miracles” as well as on the reprised “Usher Me” first recorded on Bishop T.D. JakesSacred Love Songs from back in 1999.

Sheri Jones of Churchhowse Music’s duo Ted and Sheri will tell you she was largely influenced vocally by the Clark Sisters. She comes full circle as she leads on “It’s Gonna Be Alright” a tune Lawrence originally penned for the Clark Sisters' last collective effort, Miracles in 1994.

 CDOther songs to note include “Keep On Blessing Me”, an uptempo groove with retro track built around a sample of a 1982 hit tune from Evelyn “Champagne” King. It also features Jones along with Roger Murrill on lead vocal.

Lawrence then lays back on ballad “Can I Lay In Your Arms?” which features Roger Murrill in the solo spot. Guitar by Joey Woolfalk goes pleasantly noticed here.

Perhaps the sleeper on the project is “I Can’t Complain”. Don’t miss this one, it’s an all-out jam, with the fluid soul vocals of Dewayne Woods torching the song which is musically embossed with band grooves of the finest order.

Go Get Your Life Back is testimony to glory that God has given us in Himself. Donald Lawrence himself sums it up best:

"I want everybody to know that even when things are looking up, and starting to change for the better, it’s not all that God has in store for you. In fact, compared to the wondrous things He still has to lay on the table before us, we haven’t seen anything yet."

Producer: Donald Lawrence, Myron Butler, Daniel Weatherspoon, Isaac Butler, Randy Jenkins, Troy Taylor
album release date: March 26, 2002
EMI Gospel

— reviewed by Stan North and Melanie Clark

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