Trip Lee
Between Two Worlds

Trip Lee (the youngest of the 116 clique) blazes on his amazing new release, Between Two Worlds, stretching his musical boundaries. The album features such artists as Leah Smith, Jimmy Needham, Jai Chris Lee along with clique members, This'l, Lecrae, Tedashii and Pro. Production comes from the likes of DJ Official, Joseph Prielozny, G Styles, B Free, Tony Stone and JR.

CD  On "Covenant Eyes", Trip Lee stretches out as Tony Stone blazes the track while Pro takes turns with Trip Lee in explaining the importance of keeping their eyes from the impure. This is a song of accountability for men of God; it shows the difference between the content of a Christian Hip Hop song and some of the popular Hip Hop songs on mainstream radio.

"Invasion (Hero)" is just impressive all around. Featuring the lovely vocals of Jai, who gives the song a great pop appeal, the production of Soundbreaker Musik and Joseph Prielozny is crisp and on point. The video for this one is professional and up to par with the expensive videos of MTV and BET.

Check out the beauty of "Limitation", featuring Leah Smith. Just vibe to "Your to Own" assisted by soul/acoustic artist Jimmy Needham. And if you skip over "I Love Music" featuring Sho Baraka, then you will miss one of Trip Lee's most innovative and fun songs. Trumpets, trombone, piano and a good beat hammers the point home.

CD  The emcee gets real personal on "Prognosis", detailing the trauma of spiritual sickness that almost killed him. This song is deep and must be "chewed on" a few times to digest his message, which will touch people regardless of where they are in their relationship with Christ. Peep the strings from David Davidson.

Leave it up to his 116 cohorts, This'l and Lecrae to totally wreck the Down South banger, "Twisted" as Trip holds his own. It's truly amazing how this crew always strive to improve their craft while giving God the praise for their gifts and for their lives.

Breaking the bondage, letting go and inviting Jesus in are all topics touched on by Trip on "My Show". It's a collaboration effort on the production tip, including work from Prielozny, Kurt Denmark and G Styles.

Between Two Worlds is Trip Lee's best and most complete album to date and is the next level for him, both musically and spiritually.

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Production: Various
album release date: June, 2010

— review by Dwayne Lacy

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