Troy Sneed
Bless That Wonderful Name

In this world where everything is new and improved, there’s a comfort that inherently comes with the seasoned and familiar.

Troy Sneed recognizes that and embraces the timelessness in the message of Christ. On Bless That Wonderful Name, his sophomore solo release with Savoy Records, the Florida native brings the good of the present —solid production —to some sweet memorable music, and the result is —well, comforting.

Troy Sneed CDSneed’s gift for leading worship is apparent (see review of his debut album) as he guides us through the project. Bless That Wonderful Name flows like a virtual devotional service with fresh presentation that won’t alienate folks on either extreme of the age spectrum.

Favorites like “Hold To His Hand”, and the title track “Bless That Wonderful Name” practically require your foot stomping, while fluid worship tunes like “In This Place” and “I’ll See Him” will settle your spirit.

Alternatively “You Are Worthy To Be Praised” will lift you up. The song is penned by Valerie Hill-Tankard who delivers a simple but moving piano accompaniment. Relying on a pared down verse and melody, the powerful modulations press into your very heart.

Troy SneedThis project is not without some heavy hitting cameos. On “Put A Little Love In Your Heart”, Sneed is joined on the lead with his daughter Evany, as well as Rev. Milton Biggham and radio man/vocalist K.D. Bowe.

Sneed ministers effectively on the balladry of “Solid Rock”, and shares the lead on the shout tempoed “They That Wait” with Eugene Cole. This song also features drummer Corey Johnson who reliably stays locked in the drive without any busy-ness, as well as Andre Forbes on some key synth horn licks.

On the whole, traditional devotional music benefits from Sneed’s delivery. He adds some sparkle without radically changing the packaging. The songs, whether old or new, have a thread of tradition woven together in a tapestry of fresh production and the consistent message our Christ.

There’s a comfort in knowing someone is out there holding up the bar of excellence at the core of what is gospel. Rest assured, Troy Sneed is doing just that.

Producers: Troy Sneed
album release date: July, 2001
Savoy Records

— reviewed by Melanie Clark

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