Twinkie Clark
Live in Charlotte

After a six year sabbatical from recording Elbertina "Twinkie" Clark takes a little time and graces us with Twinkie Clark and Friends - Live in Charlotte on Verity Records.

Recorded live at University Park Baptist Church in the spring of 2002, Clark comes behind sisters Dorinda Clark-Cole and Karen Clark Sheard in order of releases this CD summer, but holds her own in excitement and quality. She ups the ante by adding a reunion with her singing siblings to her signature solo antics —as if they alone were not enough.

Twinkie's most endearing vocal qualities appear to be a reflection of her personality. It's a pure, raw sound with an element of teasing and humor. Everyone knows she can sing, but more remarkable than that is her ability to not sing you under. In effect she hits you over the head with a sledgehammer wrapped in a towel. You are grateful for the cushion, but nonetheless probably knocked out.

Encourager "My Trust Lies in You" starts out extolling the trustworthiness of God, but ends up being more self-encouraging in its repetitive chorus. "Thank You for the Healing" flaunts Clark's range.

Sister Dorinda Clark-Cole joins in on their late mother's church scorcher "It Won't Be Long" and son John John raps the intro on "Brighter Day".

"Jesus Saves" is an uptempo choir groove that features guitar by Reggie Graves. Patrick Love and Spirit of David more than ably handle the background vocals providing a clear, full sound. Writing duo Myron Butler and Robert Searight scribe.

Clark sits down at the organ for a minute to accompany sister Karen on "Christ is Coming Again", also penned by Moss Clark. In tandem splendor, the B-3 and the sisters two are almost too much to bear.

Photos From Recording
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Karen and Twinkie are joined by Jackie and Dorinda in the mini Clark Sisters feature. A re-arranged "Endow Me" is more mature and smooth than the previous version. The harmonies have sunk in and fermented resulting in a sound that is layered beyond comprehension. A timely reprise of "Pray for the USA" needs no explanation. Lyrics are remarkably more applicable today than they were at the time of the original release.

"Here With You" highlights the writing skills of the promising Damien Sneed. The song is a testament of God's keeping power and how sweet and comforting it is to be in His presence. It offers a rousing choral worship flow that allows Clark to vocally glide around —amounting to one of the most notable songs on the project. This speaks volumes when you consider the formidable writing gift of Clark herself who pens six of the album's ten tracks.

Clark has always been a dynamo triple threat with writing, singing and playing skills. She gets help from producer Cedric Thompson who masterfully brings out the best in the best. On this project Clark is given open highway to run in and does a nice job of both killing you vocally and offering up relatable tracks —often an impossible task for extremely gifted singers.

Twinkie Clark and Friends is a textbook project for super talented musicians and vocalists. And for the rest of us it's just a delight.

Check out the select photos from the live recording below:

Twinkie Clark with sister Karen

The Clark Sisters

Twinkie Clark

Twinkie Clark

Backing Singers

Jackie with Twinkie

Twinkie Clark

Patrick Love

Songwriter Damien Sneed

Producer: Cedric Thompson
album release date: August 20, 2002
Verity Records

reviewed by Melanie Clark

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