Twinkie Clark
Home Once Again, Live in Detroit

Hold on tight, Twinkie Clark's third solo project under the Verity Records banner is right up there with the year's best, and has all the makings of an award-winner.

Home Once Again, Live In Detroit pairs the Clark sister with producer AlexCD Asaph Ward (Kim Burrell, Benita Washington, Dorinda Clark-Cole), and it's a twinning that works on every level.

Ward (see interview) knows exactly how to draw out the very best of one of Gospel's most astounding talents.

The live recording (from April 2004 at the Greater Emmanuel Institutional COGIC) begins appropriately with Twinkie tooling the Hammond B3, offering a prelude that flows into brief vocals that pull a melodic motif from "The High Place".

The project then flows straight into the several choir grooves, smoothly traditional, laced with stellar bandwork from an A-list of musicians (Hubert "Doobie" Powell, Joel Smith, Jonathan DuBose, Jr., Eddie Brown, Keith Newton in addition to Ward and Clark), and twenty-two voice chorale ensemble under the direction of Stephanie Hall.

"In His Presence" and "Intercession" are both marked by some wonderful choir arrangements, enhancing Twinkie's clear vocals on top of the snaggy melodies. Swirling organ and judicious rhythms underneath set it all off.

In fact, the project includes several choir-backed songs with Twinkie out in front, a format that plays directly into her strong hand.

On "He Lifted Me", guest Lashon Hayes works with Clark to foster a compelling, high-powered praise. "Let Your Anointing Be In This Place" is a bold, almost funky proclamation, and "Everything You Need Is Right Here" is a like-themed groove.

Twinkie ClarkGoing home usually means revisiting cherised memories, and there's plenty of that on this album. "Stayed On Jesus", penned by the Clark Sister's mother, Dr. Mattie Moss Clark, is revisited, as is "He Was Hung Up For My Hang Ups" —the song that was first recorded by the COGIC International Mass Choir in 1975.

"Whatsoever A Man Sowest", another scripture-based oldie penned by Twinkie, is brought back.

Any listener can't help but zoom right into the Clark Sisters new cut, "I Made It", written by Dorinda Clark-Cole. This is straight up classic Clark Sisters, filled with all the thrills, chills (but no spills) —everything that you expect in a song by these legendary foursome (Jacky, Karen, Dorinda and Twinkie). Divided into two tracks that total a combined 10 minutes, the song is a celebration of having come 'so far' by faith, even through trial and tribulations. Starting out in unison (no vibrato, of course), the Clarks build into a triumph of musicality, pouring riffs, runs and characteristic close harmonies into the piece. Solo lines from each sister and inserted testimony make the song worthy the price of the ablum alone.

The bonus cut, "I'll Hide Your Word", is the lone studio-recorded piece, and features production and songwriting from Ondrei Edwards. Even thought it's not live, with its mid-tempo pace and light production feel, it still fits into the overall flow of the project.

Let there be no doubt, Twinkie Clark has presented the best solo project of her career. It's true, there really is no place like home.

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Producer: Alex Asaph Ward
album release date: August 10, 2004
Verity Records

— reviewed by Stan North with Gregory Gay

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