Tye Tribbett

The last decade ushered in its share of fresh faces and musical gifts. In 2004, the world at large was introduced to a musical prodigy who both changed the sound and presentation of both gospel and choral music. With the debut of Life, the world was formally introduced to Tye Tribbett and Greater Anointing (G.A.).

For the better part of the next five years, this aggregation began a movement filled with energy, excitement, and musical freedom. Fast forward to 2010 and the producer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and front man of the movement makes a bold move and launches his solo career with an album titled Fresh. Sixteen tracks strong, the CD  album marks the next musical chapter and progression for the trend-setting artist.

Fresh is conceptual in both its visual and musical presentation. From the new background vocalists and artwork to instrumentation, perhaps the hook of the title cut says it best... "everything fresh man, everything fresh". It's the infectious nature of the title track that says everything about the direction of Tribbett's musical outlook and career direction.

Tribbett willingly takes musical chances that work for him. From the futuristic title cut to the highly pop driven "All For You", Tribbett's calculated chances work and are guaranteed to garner a new audience.

While many will notice the musical differences, don't lose sight of perhaps the larger element of this release —a marked level of transparency. As with any true artist, Tribbett's work reflects his life experiences. Tribbett opens his heart, showcasing desperation for Christ that is both accessible and relatable.

CD  Check out the breathtakingly honest "Only Help". The chorus to this one will quickly send you into worship. Don't miss the moving organ solo from Troy Chambers, Sr.

"Holding On" puts you in the mindset of an unplugged session. You can quickly hear the integrity and honesty of this message, speaking of our need for God's continued presence in our lives. Another sure-fire favorite is "Keep Me", featuring Pastor Tim Rogers. Taking musical cues from old school crooners, Tribbett shows his vocal skills with this throwback-styled track. His partnership with Tim Rogers is one for the ages.

Speaking of collaborations, there are several notable partnerships that shine on this release. Israel Houghton lends his vocals to the worshipful and triumphant track "Champion". Isaac Carree makes his presence known with the powerfully reflective "Your Blood (The Communion Song)". Lowell Pye makes quite the impression on "Take Over" and Mali Music joins the fray with "Eulogy".

Don't miss the writing contributions of Devaughn & DeJaughn Murphy (aka Rock Nation), who pen or contribute to four of the album's tracks, including "Replace Me".

Add in the high powered "Good" and you really do have a Fresh album from the Grammy nominee. It's a new direction for an artist who has weathered storms to produce a Fresh outlook. "Everything fresh man, everything fresh" indeed. Be certain to QUICKLY add this one to your collection.

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Production: Tye Tribbett, Troy Chambers, Sr.
album release date: October 19, 2010
Columbia Records

— review by Gerard Bonner

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