Urban D.
The Tranzlation

Ever been on a Mediterranean cruise? On this, his third voyage, Captain Urban D. navigates a trip sure to exceed any hip-hop loverís expectations on his ship named The Tranzlation.

Along with a stellar-studded crew that includes Corey Red, MC Precise, KJ-52, Cruz Codero, 1Way and more, he creates waves for audio enjoyment.

The Tranzlation CDNo need to carry a dictionary to interpret, The Tranzlation explains the message of the Gospel in unique fashion. Eighteen tracks result in a smooth journey enhanced by crystal clear lyrics and splashy beats. Greek phrases, whimsical interludes, and fresh talent characterize this excursion.

The intro ("The Scripts") reveals a small background to the purpose of the album, before the sails unfurl for the first track, where Urban D. teams up with KJ-52 on the fluid "We Go Together Like", a lyrical souvenir engineered by The Cross Movementís T.R.U.-L.I.F.E. Spitting out similes that describe how tight it is to be with Jesus Christ, itís both fun and deep at the same time.

"Two Loves" is a laid back track that reiterates the importance of the one Love that reigns supreme. "813 Meltiní Pot" exhibits the flow of Urban D.ís brainchild crew, The Fla.vor Alliance.

Who Is Urban Disciple?
Urban D. With Greek roots, Urban D. aka Tommy Kyllonen is a Philadelphia-bred youth pastor whom God has used to establish a grassroots, hip-hop soaked, youth ministry in Tampa, Florida. With weekly multicultural hip-hop praise and worship services and classes, the ministry is a part of CROSSOVER Community Church, pastored by Al Palmquist.
Cruz Cordero then steps to the captainís deck with the "Roots Chapter III", a trademark and favorite of Urban D. albums, and which comes as a culmination of Greek and Latin fusion. This rendition, which he uses to set out the true definition of himself, serves as the ice sculpture on board...sheer genius.

Urban Discipleís crew members for this ride, 1Way (see album review), along with newcomer Joel Perez, concoct a mixture to quench any vacationerís thirst while chilliní on the lounge with the freestyle "In The Parking Lot." Also on board are The Ambassador, Official and Golden Child just to name a few that lend their talents to anchor some heavy hitting production.

DJ Knucklez volunteers his efforts on the title track with some tight "cuttiní and scratchiní". Vocal skills are tested and proven with brand new talent by Priscilla Cruz, on the melodic "Stole My Heart (No Superstar)."

But with it all, the show stopper of the CD on this Mediterranean expedition is "Who Do You Serve," featuring Corey Red and MC Precise of the Mark of the East. Paired with hot lyrics from T.R.U.-L.I.F.E. and some "crazy" production from The Ambassador (see interview), itís an orchestral-sampled pack Ďo hip-hop.

As the ship docks into the pier, all passengers leave full of the phonetic adventures likened to a Greek gyro, arroz con pollo and a Philly cheesesteak, spiritually fed after an encounter with Urban D.ís The Tranzlation.

It's his junior project and the Seventh Street Records recording artist displays his best effort yet —a treasure where "Christ" marks the spot.

Producers: Golden Child, T. Collins, Official, T.R.U.-L.I.F.E., Ambassador
album release date: March, 2001
Seventh Street Records

ó reviewed by Stan North and Brenda M. Ingram II ó

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