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VaShawn Mitchell

For over 15 years, Vashawn Mitchell has penned and recorded songs that have defined and impacted churches and gospel communities around the nation.

His pen has scripted classics such as "What's To Come Is Better Than What's Been", "My Worship Is For Real", "It's Only a Test", and "For My Good" among others. After many years in Chicago, Mitchell embarks on a new chapter in his musical journey that sees a new city (Atlanta), a new sound, and a new label. The end result is his junior release, an eleven-track effort titled Triumphant.

CD  Mitchell teams with Rick Robinson and Daniel Weatherspoon to handle the production duties on this album.

From the first note of the release, it's easy to see that Mitchell's sound and writing are coming from a different place. As the album title clearly describes, the theme of the album is victory. That victory has produced a new sound that is a deft fusion of pop, rock, and gospel, a departure from the signature Chicago gospel sound that once defined Mitchell.

This evolution takes this project to a new plateau as is evidenced from the album's opening cut, "Conqueror", a mid-tempo call to arms complete with a military like cadence that reminds of the winner that lies within.

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The album's lead single, "Nobody Greater", gets an extension from its radio counterpart and a hidden reprise that works wonders. It seems that no matter how many times you hear it, the message of this track resonates and never gets old.

Mitchell enlists the help of Lisa Page Brooks on the powerful track "His Blood Still Works". Brooks' work on this track is epic and will take you straight to church.

Beverly Faulks joins Mitchell on the encouraging "Be Fruitful", while San Franklin lends her trademark vocals to funky groove "Can't Take My Joy Away". Both cuts will get ample time on your iPod.

Mitchell moves in new musical directions for his presentation that authentically translate. Check out "I Need You", an up-tempo, pop worship track that features Toneisha Jefferson.

In addition, Mitchell's interpretation of "Chasing After You" is wildly infectious. With Lajuanese Robertson sharing lead vocals, this song embodies energetic and passionate worship with a track that is certain to be a favorite among praise teams across the country.

Factor in the album's title track and you have an album that will definitively be marked as Mitchell's most thorough and sound presentation to date. Relevant, authentic, and tangible, Triumphant is an album that will be quickly be the soundtrack of the passionate believer and is easily one of the year's best releases.

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Production: VaShawn Mitchell, Rick Robinson, Daniel Weatherspoon
album release date: August 10, 2010
EMI Gospel/VMan Entertainment

— review by Gerard Bonner

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