Vicki Yohe
Free Worshipper

Vicke Yohe continues to bless the Christian and Gospel music audiences with her distinct vocals on her new project, Free Worshipper. Yohe has been a vocal force in the praise and worship category for over 20 years, and reknowned for her rendition of "Because Of Who You Are".

Yohe delivers some foot stopping handclapping numbers as well as some reflective praise and worship standards on this new project from the Shanachie CD label, a 10-track live recording powered by the musical prowess of Kendall Duffie and Ay'Ron Lewis.

The project opens with an introduction from Bishop T.D. Jakes, who lauds Yohe's musical and spiritual gifting and inviting the listener to partake in a unique praise and worship experience, and transitions into the up-tempo "Everytime", which tells of the power of God's presence. It has a classic Gospel bass line reminiscent of a Kurt Carr standard.

The stand-out cut on the project is "I Know A Name", a smooth, mid-tempo song with a nice groove and a bridge and drive that distinguishes it from the other tracks on the project. They get it just right with the musical composition and lyrics on this one, with a vocal arrangements that gives it a good Gospel flavor.

"Four Words" features Clint Brown; it's a simple song that is set up as a love song from the believer to God. Yohe and Brown's vocals complement each other nicely. "God Has The Final Say" is a song of declaration and power that starts off simply with Yohe's vocals but grows into a resounding message of assurance about this promise.

"Free Worshipper", the title track, has a CCM feel and a triumphant tone, with a tempo in line with marching music. The song celebrates the freedom found in worshipping God.

The project picks up speed with "God Can", an up-tempo song that starts off powerfully and continues at high octane throughout its duration. Derick Thomas and Kendall Duffie provide the lyrical content, as Yohe drives the number with her powerful vocals. It's a 'feel God' song that encourages clapping of hands and stomping of feet. The horn and string arrangements coupled with the vocal arrangements grab the ear and draw you in. Other highlights include "Waves of Glory" and "God Loves The Broken".

The project concludes with the anthemic "Be Unto You", written by Joy Hill, a beautiful song that leaves the listener with a sense of grandeur in while reflecting on the awesomeness of God.

While Free Worshipper would not be considered a departure from Yohe's past work, the project does demonstrate the progression of her sound. With some great cuts that will be appreciated by praise and worship teams, choirs, and dance ministries, this one is worth checking out.

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Production: Kendall Duffie, Ay'Ron Lewis
album release date: September, 2013
Shanachie Records

— review by Nakiyah Hayling

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