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Vicki Yohe
Reveal Your Glory: Live From the Cathedral

One of the most enduring sub-genres within the gospel music arena is that of praise & worship. Quickly becoming the staple for Sunday Morning, the praise & worship platform has grown in immense popularity over the last decade, bringing prolific and gifted worship leaders to the fore.

For nearly two decades, Vicki Yohe has been a pioneer in the realm of worship, adding a decidedly gospel flair to her regular worship offerings. With eight albums to her credit, Yohe returns from a four-year recording hiatus with her ninth project titled Reveal Your Glory: Live From the Cathedral.

CD  This album marks new territory for the talented worship leader as this is her first live recording. The venue was the Word of Faith Cathedral in Atlanta; the 11-song project captures the essence of a live Yohe-led worship experience. Yohe taps Kendall Duffie to handle production. An all-star band featuring Terry Baker (drums), Ralph Lofton (organ), Rick Watford (guitar), Simeon Baker (drums), and Ayron Lewin (keyboard) handles the energetic musical arrangements, serving as the ideal aural backdrop for an intense worship session.

The album, in trademark Yohe fashion, is chock full of genuine and memorable moments. She teams with Anthony Evans on "One Moment", creating a nearly 10 minute presentation that is timeless. This song is indicative of the vibe of the album, which frequently trades traditional time limits in favor of the worship-packed ambience of the recording.

More of Yohe's passion is seen on tracks like "Soul Cries Out", "Your Breakthrough", and the title cut, all of which display the heartfelt desire of humanity for an encounter with God.

Yohe turns the praise up with uptempo praise hits such as "I Will Sing Praises" and "The Lord Is Good", co-written by Gospel Dream alumnus Benita Washington.

Yohe reprises one of her biggest hits, presenting the famed "Because of Who You Are", penned by Martha & Dan Munizzi.

With passionate vocals and a passionate heart, Vicki Yohe delivers another album that is a jewel amongst her expansive catalogue. Without question, the ideal environment for a worship leader is a live setting and Yohe demonstrates great comfort in this milieu.

Chock up another successful album for Yohe, and is a worthy add to your music library.

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  • "The Lord Is Good" -- Click To Listen

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Production: Kendall Duffie
album release date: June, 2009
Shanachie Records

— review and interview by Gerard Bonner

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