Victoria Adexa
The Prologue

When you listen to The Prologue, the first studio release from Victoria Adexa, you are blown away by her professional sound and mature voice. And while the British artist and London based Victoria's four- track EP lacks in quantity is made up for in quality, with production values being sky high. The project was produced by veteran British gospel artist and worship leader Noel Robinson, who stepped in as a result of Adexa approaching him directly.

CD  All songs were written by the artist, serving to demonstrate her exceptional composition skills. She describes her music as a collective of jazz, salsa, R&B and ballad.

The strongest cut is "Time to Pray", a ballad with encouraging lyrics and the important message of finding time to pray and building on a relationship with God. As the opening track, it's pleasing to the ear with its strong piano base courtesy of Luke Smith. (The song is also found on the soundtrack for the Christian movie Saving God released in the fall of 2008. The single was included on the album after it was entered into and won a online competition.)

The second track, "Turned Around", is autobiographical and explains how God miraculously changed Victoria's life around when it was a mess. She explains how she was raised in her father's church and began singing at the age of 8, joining the choir, entering talent shows and participating in gospel concerts. Victoria describes how she lost her way for a little while; the song, with its lively jazz theme, is her testimony of God's redemptive work in her life.

"2dream" is an inspirational number in which Victoria encourages the listener to never give up on their dreams. As a ballad, its lyrical content is strong, and it's destined to uplift your mood and just make you feel good.

"Praise Party" is a dance track, and you will be unable to keep your feet still while listening to it. Victoria's singing inspires you to lift up your voice and just praise the Lord. The song reveals even more of the strength of Victoria's vocals accompanied by a catchy backing track.

The full-length album is due to be released in early 2010; The Prologue sets the table for a much anticipated debut.

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Production: Noel Robinson
album release date: October, 2009

— review by Donna Marshall

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