Calvin Napper

Calvin Napper
VIDEO: Diligent Hands

As one of the genre's top drummers, Calvin Napper has added the rhythm to albums ranging from Donald Lawrence & Tri-City Singers to Shirley Caesar, Karen Clark-Sheard, Twinkie Clark and many others.

Calvin Napper On Diligent Hands, Napper offers a 1-hour instruction video to not only satisfy the curiosity of those wanting to know more about his work, but also to teach those desiring to improve their own drumming skills.

Napper explained to Gospelflava.com that he wanted up and coming "drummers in the field of contemporary Gospel, to have [a resource] that relates to Gospel drumming." He explained that "there are so many well-respected drummers in the secular arena, some in which I look up to, who have awesome instructional videos out on the market, but they don't really capture the essence of Gospel drumming."

Not only does Napper methodically go through the fundamental skills and drills required to excel, he also goes through six full-length songs, letting the overhead camera roll as he Videosits in front of his kit, going through the entire piece, backed by the musical track.

Napper says, I've had alot of drummers ask in particular about Donald Lawrence's "Never Seen The Righteous", a song that I recorded with Donald on the Tri-City4.com project. They wanted to know what I was doing in the drum fills at the end of the song. So this song is one that was done instrumentally on the video."

Other songs included are Karen Clark-Sheard's "Heaven" and "Jesus Saves", Donald Lawrence's "The Best Is Yet To Come" and "Odd Measures", from Napper's upcoming solo project.

Several of these pieces are followed up with special instructional segments designed to assist in following Napper's drumming patterns.

Certainly, Diligent Hands is a specialist resource that has long been needed.

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DVD release date: April, 2004

— review by Stan North

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