The Wades
A Family Thing

This is the continuation of our series that shines the spotlight on quality Gospel projects coming from the shores of the United Kingdom. Check here to get to previous UK reviews.

The Wades are arguably the cream of UK Gospel. On A Family Thing, they deliver a premiere collection of urban material in their inimitable style.

After two very well-received projects in recent years, brothers David, Derek and Lloyd Wade cement their reputation for Gospel buttered with harmony-heavy British soul that is sometimes reminiscent of that other astounding British Gospel group (that's now defunct) —Nu Colours.

The Wades CD
Musically, the vibe is consistently urban but moves from the very rhythmic and energetic (“Homeward Bound”, “Pouring It Over”) to the very warm and smooth (“Love In A Million Ways”, “I Worship You”).

In between are midtempo/laidback but just as delectable songs such as “Friend” and “The Word” which waft skyward courtesy of acoustic instrumental touches and The Wades’ ability to deliver thickly-laid harmonies.

One of the very enjoyable things about this album is the degree of ‘extras’ that these brothers plant into their effort. Not only are there some inventive remixes included (Deany Boy ably remixes both “Family Thing” and “Soul Thing”), but they’ve also come up with clever garage mixes as well, in CD single format.

Very diverse and marvelously integrated on a musical and lyrical tip, A Family Thing is simply a joy all the way round.

Producers: The Wades
album release date: late 2000
Fame City Entertainment

— reviewed by Stan North

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