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West Coast Represents

G-Like Music Group issues a powerful wallop to the industry with the release of West Coast Represents, a strong compilation album featuring 16 dangerous Pacific water tracks that not only boldly declare our victory in Jesus Christ, but guarantee a victory over the enemy of "wackness."

The armed forces consist of newly trained infantry as well as a veteran league. Their merger implements a plan that brings "the heat" with strategic combat of clever rhymes, versatility, bangin' beats, and the message of the cross.

A variety of soldiers assemble for the rumble including Truth, All Starz, Barabbas, Christsyde, Erick Jones, SYG'z, Coo-B, Shun Sin, Cloud Nine, and Down 4 Christ.

West Coast Represents CDThe style of music featured is variously comparable to the likes of Jay-Z, DMX, Tupac, DC Talk, and Gospel Gangstaz.

All guns blaze on the entry cut, “Tha Return” from Truth. It’s a non-stop barrage of heavy patter rhymes and some fantastic horsy whinnying samples that conveys that ‘end-time riders on horseback’ theme. Howie T produces and Truth’s slightly nasal flow has a great appeal. You’ll be hard-pressed to unglue your finger from the repeat button on this one, and it’s only track one.

Noel of the renowned Dynamic Twins [note: The Dynamic Twins were one of the core holy hip hop groups in the early 90's with 4 albums to their credit] detonates the bomb track and sure-fire hit "Unbelievable", which emits enough bounce to capture the ears of entire cities.

Promising chanteuse, Miss Nicole, detours from hip hop territory to round up the troops with her silky and soulful voice pronouncing that "Love Has Found A Way" beyond the walls of hate, strife, and greed.

Belting out the "battle hymn", "Blessed Be The Lamb" —which serves as an anthem for the entire project —is Barabbas. Not a rookie, Barabbas declares that "it is time to clean rap and hip hop up. It is time to not have our music represented by the thug, but the thug redeemed." In cahoots with Big Tone of SYG'z (Straight Young Gangstaz), they have vowed to change the face of Christian and mainstream music for good.

Coo-B (from Christsyde) debuts with a techno-track vibe and swift patter on “War”, setting it all up for his upcoming solo joint from from the G-Like Music Group.

In total, West Coast Represents provides ample ammo to any jeep, converting it into a weapon of spiritual warfare, shooting 2001 beats per minute. A full arsenal of tight production, an ample supply of positive lyrics, and a talented army all come together to present unity in a diversity of styles.

Call it a delivery of emergency aid to an audience ravished by the wrath of perversion.

Producers: Various
album release date: September, 2001
G-Like Music Group

— review by Stan North and Brenda M. Ingram II

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