William McDowell
As We Worship - Live

There is nothing like pure worship. Get ready to experience worship that takes you to a place where you leave your surroundings and brings you right into the presence of God. Worship leader William McDowell takes you right to that place!

CDBlessed with a smooth, soulfully resonant tenor voice, and gifted with the ability to lead in worship, his latest release, As We Worship - Live is already on its way to becoming a staple in contemporary worship settings.

On this double-disc recording the Florida-based artist serves up a generous set of songs. Recorded at The Gathering Place Worship Center in the Orlando area, McDowell not only takes care of his previous hits (such as the mega-popular "I Give Myself Away"), he also lifts up "Draw Me Closer" (which he melds with "Wrap Me in Your Arms") and "Come unto Me", two other beautifully written worship tunes.

With a strong, unified voices, the background vocalists deliver classic, clear, pure tone vocals and ad libs, the ensemble in lock with McDowell he take authority and delivers the message of each song with passion and conviction.

Get ready for original new worship songs mostly written by McDowell such as "Psalms 27" featuring Larue Howard on lead and reminding us that our one desire is to simply dwell in the house of the Lord.

On "Give Us Your Heart", McDowell explains that God had given him a Word that Body of Christ should prepare themselves to be vessels that can be used to be a blessing to everyone they come in contact with.

Group 1 Crew adds their unique style and flair to "Go Forth", a song that deals with kingdom building and going forth with all that you are led to do.

Other notable selections include a gentle cover of Tim Hugh's popular worship chorus "Here I Am to Worship", and "Show Me Your Face".

With everything that William McDowell has to offer, and a double disc to boot, you can't go wrong with As We Worship - Live.

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Production: William McDowell, James Burt, Shelton Morgan.
album release date: July, 2010
E1 Music / Light Records

— reviewed by Stan North and Martin Williams

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