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William McDowell

Music minister and worship leader William McDowell steps into his sophomore release on eOne Entertainment with a two-disc live recording, Arise: The Live Worship Experience. Featuring production from McDowell and Clay Bogan III, plus several guest vocal appearances, the eclectically-styled project is another keeper from the Florida-based artist.

CD The majestic opening title cut sets the tone for the album, inviting the live audience at Christian Life Center in Fort Lauderdale, and by extension, everyone in earshot of the sounds emanating from the CD player, to go forth and proclaim the name of Jesus Christ to the nations.

The powerful and infectious radio single "I Won't Go Back" (inspired by Obed-edom the Gittite, mentioned in 2 Samuel 6), puts the focus on pure and undefiled worship.

On "Overcomer", Martha Munizzi joins with McDowell in duet. Two tracks later, Minizzi's twin sister Mary Alessi takes the mic on "Standing". Both songs inspire hands-up worship and seem fit for congregational praise.

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Stacey Joseph (known for her work with Israel Hougton as a member of New Breed) steps in on "Wait". Worship leaders David and Nicole Binion guest on the ballad, "My Desire", penned by McDowell. And no-one can miss the live version of McDowell's big hit, "I Give Myself Away", here combined with the chorus "Yes" that features congregational interaction.

Other star cuts on Arise include the rousing "Spoken," "Song of Intercession," (featuring Josh Dufrene) and the ballad, "Place of Worship," which puts the emphasis on the freedom that God provides.

For everyone waiting for the next sounds from William McDowell, there will be no disappointment with Arise.

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Production: Various
album release date: November 8, 2011
eONE Entertainment

— review compiled by Stan North

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