William Murphy
God Chaser

William Murphy III emerged in a great way on the Gospel music scene in 2001 as the lead vocalist on the hit praise and worship anthem, "Praise Is What I Do", from the Shekinah Glory Ministry debut project. Murphy brought a passion to the song that still resonates with listeners.

Murphy has the ability to write songs and deliver them in such a way that pulls on listener's heartstrings while leaving them with an infectious melody that stays in their heads long after the song has ended.

CDGod Chaser is a 13-tracker filled with powerful messages of hope, and chock full of the praise and worship standards that audiences have come to expect from Murphy. It's also is his first release for RCA Inspiration (and also the first release for this rebranded label, after decades under the Verity Records name).

The project opens up with the up-tempo title cut. It's a high energy and has a definitive message of allegiance and commitment to God. The song evokes movement and the chorus is catchy.

It's followed up by the first radio single, "You Reign", which has a smooth melodic flow and instantly grabs the listener. The words are declarative and convey a powerful message. The drive seals the deal, instantly marking this song as a potential praise and worship standard.

"In Your Hands" has rock, reggae, and CCM musical elements. Fuse that with its Gospel melodies and you have a feel-good song with a little edge. The harmonies, baseline, and drum sequences come together to create a funky sound. The song ends off with a good ole' hand-clapping, foot-stomping Gospel drive.

"It's Working" opens up with Murphy's signature vocals and has a jazz verve, building out sonically and vocally to a powerful drive. Murphy's ability to exhort through song is showcased on this song. Then there's "Already Getting Better". It's a simple song with a warm sound, and an inspiring message of hope for the believer. The musical and vocal arrangements compliment each another and nod to both contemporary and traditional Gospel sounds.

Another highlight is "Write A Song", a simple melodious number that expresses God's love for each believer's unique song of praise. The song was penned by Murphy's 10-year old son, adding to the tenderness and purity of the song. "Pray For Me" is a ballad with a powerful message of hope. It builds to a rousing declaration of faith. Murphy leads in exhortation and reprises the song. He definitively declares that "this is for the one that has been struggling all year". Lastly, take note of "Make Me Righteous", which is reminiscent of the hit worship anthem "Praise Is What I Do". It speaks of the intimacy of one's relationship with God through worship.

After a brief hiatus from recording, Murphy comes out the gate strongly with this new project. God Chaser is a great musical offering that is one you will want to add to your collection this year.

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Production: Aaron Lindsey
album release date: February, 2013
RCA Inspiration

— review by Nakiyah Hayling

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