Willie Will
Rhyme and Reason

Willie Will is an emcee with a nice rapid fire delivery (but not in the sense of Twista or Lecrae), a heart for ministry, and a willingness to connect with fellow artists.

Can he release an album that is worth more than a few listens? Yes!

Does he bring a diverse repertoire of music and subject matter? Yes!

With the new release Rhyme and Reason, Willie Will hands over a 21-track album for hip-hop lovers of various styles. Production comes from the likes of Kajmir Royale, Jayman, Scorp Diesel and others.

CD  Willie Will challenges believers to put on their gear and get in the race for souls. He gets aggressive with no nonsense allowed on "Go Hard" (featuring a hard-hitting beat courtesy of Scorp Diesel) and a guitar sample. Check out lyrics such as: “So far, we’re looking like wussies/Every time temptation comes, we crumble like cookies”.

The soldier-like mentality is continued with "What I Stand For", a banger with some eerie symphony-like accompaniment.

Young Josh brings his East coast flow on the hip-hop banger, "Whatever You Do", explaining that we all will have to give account of everything we have done.

If you love lyricists (and who doesn’t), you will be happy to hear, Will, Braille and R-Swift hammer their verses on "Spit That". This one might be even better with more "knock" added to the beat.

Although Willie Will is calling for people to be serious about their relationship with God, he still takes time to reach out to sinners about His love. With "Turn It Around", he assures unbelievers that while they are alive, there is hope if they give their life to Christ. Jazz Digga throws in some auto-tuned crooning on the hook.

"Batman" is another creatively-rhymed song with a crazy track, which includes samples from the Adam West/Bruce Ward show from back in the day. This one was produced by Kajmir Royale. It is cool to hear the worship and chilled out jams "Love and Peace" and “Just to Touch You” featuring Jazz Digga.

Certainly a project you’ll want in your collection.

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Production: Kajmir Royale, Jayman, Scorp Diesel
album release date: June 30, 2009
Mysterium Media Group

— review by Dwayne Lacy

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