The Winans
The Very Best of The Winans

Rhino Records has released a hefty retrospective on The Winans, coinciding with the first tour of the extended Winans family in ten years, slated to run from Spring to Summer of 2002 (see tour schedule).

The Very Best of the Winans pulls together all the beloved hits —"Uphold Me", "Restoration", "It’s Time”, “Straighten My Life Out” and several more. In The Winans CD doing so, also provides an audio glimpse of the development of the Detroit-based four-member innovators, ranging from their debut Introducing The Winans on Light Records from 1981, to the All Out album on Qwest from 1993.

Thankfully, there's a wonderful set of liner notes included, with full song credits.

Ronald, Carvin, Michael and Marvin started it all, and sparked generations of praise and groove from the Winans family (BeBe, CeCe, Mom and Pop Winans, Angie and Debbie, Winans Phase II plus numerous solo and choir projects).

There's 16 songs from seven albums. The set highlights not only how the group were trend-setters, pioneers of contemporary Gospel and an inspiration to literally hundreds of aspiring singers, but also draws attention to their (still) incredible appeal, songwriting prowess and above all, fabulous vocals.

There’s considerable representation from the numerous collaborative songs that The Winans became known for. Anita Baker with Marvin on “Ain’t No Need To Worry” STILL sounds incredible. Aaron Hall with Marvin on the smooth Teddy Riley production, “A Friend”, “Everyday The Same” with Stevie Wonder and “Payday” with R. Kelly are other inclusions.

Also included is the ‘single version’ of “When You Cry” from the Return project, with Carvin singing alongside the woven sax patterns of Kenny G.

Call this a celebration and a collector’s item all rolled into one package.

Producers: Various
album release date: April 16, 2002
Rhino Records

— reviewed by Stan North

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