When you think of collaborative efforts and full albums, normally thoughts like "great" or "Epic" come to mind. We Live As Kings (W.L.A.K.) is no exception.

W.L.A.K. is comprised of four artists: Dre Murray, Swoope, Alex Faith, and Christon Gray. The ensemble brings a sonic diversity that will satisfy hip-hop lovers and R&P faithful alike.

CDThe 13-track eponymously titled project speaks for itself with the overall theme geared towards encouraging young men in the faith, with songs such as "Coward" and "All In".

Just when you're expecting pure lyricism and hard hitting beats from most of these tracks, you get the blend of soul and into more mature love themes with songs that include "Eyes For You" and "W.L.A.Q." which covers everything from father-daughter relationships to husband-wife relationships.

W.L.A.K. doesn't stop there. Worship-themed songs such as "Arena" balance out the project's sonic palette.

The production of this effort flows well and impacts the album, with producers that include Swoop, Wit and Dirty Rice ensuring the album's dynamic sound.

W.L.A.K.The one thing you won't find is a revolving door of guest artists on every song. Since this is a collaborative effort, the performances are kept in house, which is a rarity in hip-hop today.

W.L.A.K. covers all bases for urban music listeners and is a must-have for every male believer's library. Not only is it good music, it also encourages men to step up in areas that most are afraid to even address ¡ encouragement to "Live as Kings".

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Production: various
album release date: March, 2013
Collision Records

— review by Andre Griffith

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