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Stellar Awards Press Release: Sept 24, 2004

The following Press Release was issued by The Stellar Awards Senior Management and Nominating Committee. For further information on the Stellar Awards voting process, see article.

The Stellar Awards Nominating Committee Removes Kanye West CD from the 2005 Ballot

Chicago, IL Sep 24, 2004:
The officials of the Stellar Awards announced today their decision to remove the artist Kanye West CD - The College Drop Out that includes the single "Jesus Walks" off the 2005 Stellar Awards Ballot in the Rap/Hip Hop CD of the Year category.

The reason for removing the CD from the ballot is that some of the songs on the CD contain explicit lyrics and the CD carries an explicit language warning symbol on its cover, therefore it did not meet the Stellar Awards criteria.

Officials of the Nominating Committee had originally considered the CD because of the gospel song on the CD entitled "Jesus Walks." The Stellar Awards certainly encourage the many facets of gospel music; however, after being made aware of the explicit lyrics in the other songs from the CD, the Stellar Awards nominating committee felt the CD lyrical selections were not in the best interest and spirit of gospel music. Therefore, the Kanye West CD was immediately removed from the Hip Hop CD of the Year category and the entire ballot.

An addendum to the initial ballot which eliminated the Kanye West CD - The College Drop Out from the ballot was prepared and will be sent out to the entire Stellar Awards Voting Body on September 17, 2004.

The Stellar Awards' Senior Management and the Nominating Committee certainly did not intend to offend the Gospel Music Community with this glaring oversight. We have implemented corrective actions to make sure that such an error never happens in the future.

Media relations contact:

Jalila Larsuel
JL Media Relations

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