Lorraine Stancil
Holy Is The Lamb

Lorraine Stancil has always captivated. Her unparalleled vocal energy on stage, her enthusiastic ministry and the sheer quality of her soprano voice have made her a favorite soloist for many choirs, including Youthful Praise (on Awesome God) and Hezekiah Walker's Love Fellowship Crusade Choir (on Live in Toronto).

CD Her latest solo project from Anointed Sounds Records is Holy Is The Lamb, and has producer and music director Melvin Crispell placing her in a live setting, at the Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church.

Stancil interprets songs from writers such as Benjamin Love and Butch Heyward, and also brings several of her own compositions to the scene. A stellar band (Reggie Young, Crispell, Love and Lonnie Christian) plus a select backing vocals crew that includes some of the Stancil family strongly support the set.

The first song unveils the quality set to unfold on the project. "Clap Your Hands" not only dictates the tone of the recording, but also showcases Stancil's ability to use vocal restraint with as much effect as vocal power. The subsequent title cut "Holy Is The Lamb" is also a melodic gem; both songs are powerful praises written by Stancil and guided by keyboards.

Stancil goes on to sing her own take on the popular "Awesome God" from Rich Mullins. In her hands the song is renewed; it's almost as if it was written just for her. Beginning
Album Review: Holy Is The Lamb
CD "My vocal style, I think, is pretty common as far as a soprano voice is concerned. However, my approach to a song is different from other artists. I try not to emulate or imitate anyone, because everbody is unique in their own way. I just attempt to do what I can in a way....."

See full interview with Lorraine Stancil.

only with sparse keyboard accompaniment, Stancil's solo floats gently above, freely ad libbing in high register before finishing with quiet surety.

The comforting harmonies-based "Weather The Storm" from Lorne Rawls contrasts with the churchy rhythms of Butch Heyward's organ-based "Jesus Is Coming Soon". Stancil takes both to heights that are wonderully captured by the strong production values of this project. You can almost visualize the visual motion that certainly went together with the audio.

Re-arrangement of classics such as "Walk With Me" and "I Surrender All" are unforgettable, with the latter being a family effort, as Stancil's mother (Annie Stancil) sisters (Brenda and Linda Stancil), daughter (Stephanie Stancil) and neices (Rhonda Stancil and Mietta Stancil-Farrar) join in.

In all, Holy Is The Lamb is pure Lorraine Stancil. And that alone makes it worthwhile.

Producer: Melvin Crispell
album release date: mid 2002
Anointed Sounds Records

review by Stan North

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