Out of Eden
No Turning Back

Out of Eden is one of those rare groups that does not struggle to find their feet landing on both Gospel and CCM territory. Certainly, many have tried to span the gap, but withOut of Eden CD the sisterly trio of Lisa, Andrea, and Danielle Kimmey, it comes naturally.

And it's always much easier to listen to something natural than to something strained, no matter how valiant the effort.

With their third project, No Turning Back, Out of Eden present a solid collection of intense and reflective verse rooted in production that while certainly pop-influenced, contains a hefty flava of Gospel.

Relevant strings, guitar and horn sections layered with sophisticated loops provide the basis upon which the Kimmey sisters lay their distinctive three-part vocals and harmony. The work of engineer Serbin Ghenea and assisting producer Sherri Blair (previously credited with Usher and Blackstreet material) is used to maximum advantage, generating an edgy urban-influenced sound that should appeal to many Gospel heads.

Out of EdenAlthough the project doesn't have a weak track on it, there are certain cuts that do make an impression. "Window" etches an irrepressible groove that grabs the ear and doesn't let up, while expressing absolute hope ("God has given me a window, and I can finally see the light...").

The duet "Here's My Heart" with labelmates The Katinas is another powerhouse, with a personal back and forth conversation with God put to a softly smooth and soulful ballad by the duo of sibling groups. The hip-hop influenced title track shows the edgier side of the group, and also features the flows of rappers Knowdaverbs and Grits laid over a throwback 70's-ish track of strings and beats.

With quality like this, it will be fascinating to see how the wider world (a summer tour with R&B artist Monica is already set) takes in the sounds of Out of Eden.

Producers: Lisa Kimmey Bragg, Todd Collins and others
album release date: June 15, 1999
Gotee Records

reviewed by Stan North

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