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Few would argue that the fastest rising star in Gospel over the past while has been Tye Tribbett. Along with his equally energetic choir Greater Anointing (G.A.), Tribbett has boldly blazed a path where few Gospel artists have dared to go (but many have chosen to follow). The multi-time Stellar-award winner has garnered cross-generational and cross-cultural appeal through intricate music, relevant lyrical content, youthful exuberance, and a bold message of righteous living.

After two wildly successful releases, Tribbett & G.A. release their boldest project to date, appositely titled StandOUT.

CDRecorded live in August 2007 at The Rock Church International in Virginia Beach (check out our image gallery of the recording), StandOUT is a fifteen-track album that already breaks new ground in being one of the first single-disk projects to feature 80 minutes of material (the maximum amount of data for a CD is usually pegged at 78 minutes!)

In addition, this serves as the first album in Tribbett's catalogue that is fully produced by Tribbett and his G.A. camp. Tribbett, along with his brother, famed bassist and SoundCheck music director Thaddaeus Tribbett, and Dana Sorey handle the entire production responsibilities on this effort.

Of course, all of the elements of Tribbett's stellar band SoundCheck are in place, featuring special guest, the incomparable Melvin Crispell, who sits in on organ for the lion's share of the effort.

From lyrical substance to musical creativity, boldness has always been the trademark of Tribbett and G.A., and perhaps no musical offering to date has had boldness stamped on it quite like this one, as Tribbett continues to reach into his musical bag of tricks to pull out absolute gems.

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From the in-your-face pulsating rhythms of the 80's pop-infused title cut to the unmistakable classic rock of "Prodigal", Tribbett takes calculated musical risks that produce great payoffs.

Those risks include partnering with newcomer Jon Owens for the passion-filled worship anthem "Bless the Lord (Son of Man)", which is bound to become a favorite for all worshippers.

Tribbett revisits the Victory album by expanding the interlude "Look Up" into a full-length groove with Angela White and Kierra "Kiki" Sheard joining him on lead vocals.

Returning for her third appearance on a Tribbett effort is the unrivaled Kim Burrell who ignites a vocal fire on "He Has Made Me Glad". The incredible moments continue with the memorable worship medley that flows from the mid-tempo "Hallelujah" to the rock-tinged "Let Us Worship" to the full-blown 60's hard rock vibe of "So Amazing".

Tribbett takes traditional Sunday morning church through the colander of musical animation with "I Made It Through", effortlessly visiting numerous musical keys sans modulation. Couple all of this with the bonus hidden track "Good in the Hood", the album's lone studio cut filled with more funk and crunk than many may be able to handle.

With the design of promoting Kingdom living and admonishing believers to make a difference, this latest release from Tribbett and G.A. fully lives up to its album title and much deserved hype. This album is guaranteed to StandOUT from the rest, making an eternal impression on all who listen.

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Production: Tye Tribbett II, Thaddaeus Tribbett, Dana Sorey
album release date: May 6, 2008
Columbia Records

— reviewed by Gerard Bonner

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