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He Is His Brother's Keeper
(Interview with Dawkins & Dawkins)

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Brother duo Eric and Anson Dawkins are back on the scene with From Now On, from Light Records. With urban flair and their signature knack for contemporary jams, these veterans know a thing or two about putting out a hit song. But what about their individual personalities? Brothers can be similar, but of course they can also be very, very different. So check it out below as Anson Dawkins tells about his brother Eric. (Make sure you also read the tables turned, with Eric telling us about his brother Anson.)

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What would Eric say is his favorite song(s) on your new CD, From Now On? "From Now On"
Not including Dawkins & Dawkins' music, what is Eric currently listening to Mary Mary
What is one of Eric's biggest pet peeves? Bad music.
What makes Eric happiest? Time with family.
What is Eric's favorite food? Sushi.
What was Eric's first solo he sang in church? "Shine, Gonna Let it Shine".
What is one of Eric's biggest indulgences? (Does he spend lots of money on gadgets, clothes, shoes/sneakers, spa treatments, travel, etc.)? Shoes and clothes.
If Eric wasn't involved in music and/or ministry, what would he be doing for a living? Graphic artist.
Other than music, what are some of Eric's talents? Art and fashion .
Tell us something about Eric that would surprise us! He can fly, haha! He's a big cry baby.
What is the most important thing that Eric has taught you about music? Aim for perfection.
What was Eric's first favorite Gospel album? Rance Allen's "I Belong to You".

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