Father's Day Songs
Where Are They?

Our list of Gospel songs focused on mothers has been popular. Dozens of artists have written material devoted to our mothers. With Fatherís Day fast approaching, the obvious question is, 'where is the list of songs devoted to fathers'?

Itís a valid question. Weíve done a bit of looking, and it seems that there just arenít that many out there! Songs relating to God as Father abound, of course. But itís our earthly dads that seem to be missing the positive tributes.

CDIs it because fathers simply arenít as endearing as mothers? Maybe their characteristics arenít as easily translated into musical verse? Maybe itís all that and more.

Immediately below is the admittedly tiny (but growing) list of what weíve come up with so far. We hope it grows as we take your suggestions and advice.

"Dis Is Yo Granddaddy" - Mr. Brown (David Mann)
"Memories (When Will I See You Again)" - Canton Spirituals
"The Living Years" - London Community Gospel Choir
"Darnell's Tribute" - The Williams Family Singers
"Just Like You" - Anthony Evans
"Still My Father" - Bryan Wilson
"Thanks For Staying" - Da'Dra Crawford-Greathouse
"Father Me" - Shekinah Glory Ministry
"Daddy Can't Sing" - Vickie Winans
"I'm A Daddy" - Derrick Hall & Co.
"Tribute To Dad" - Luther Barnes
"Daddy Come Home" - Jackson Southernaires
"Grandpa's Hands" - Gene Harris
"Father I'm Coming Home" - Canton Spirituals
"Let Me Be The Man My Daddy Was" - Chi-lites (non gospel)
"Dance With My Father" - Luther Vandross (non gospel)
"Color Him Father" - The Winstons (non gospel)

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