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I would like to thank Gerard Bonner for the excellent editorial written in the March edition entitled, "The True Passion." As a preacher and teacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ, I was challenged by the article. I had to do a passion check myself, and I came to the conclusion that I am not quite as passionate enough to die for call. I thought I would be ready if I had to make that choice, but after seeing the movie and now reading this article, I realize I am not. I will continue to submit to God's will and seek His face daily, because my new desire is to be filled with "The True Passion." God Bless, Evangelist Cora E. Wilson, Virginia Beach (March 8, 2004)  

Hi. I'm from South Africa and I've only discovered your a few days ago, but from what I see I can surely say that what you people do is bless us everyday. You have no idea how I'm feeling right now, but I'm telling you that it is good to know The Lord. You should come South Africa one day. God bless. Ignatius (11/18/2003)  

I just wanted to commend you on the art of excellence in the presentation of this website. I am able to learn and read up on all of the music and gospel industry's news and happenings. This is a real blessing. When I lived in NY is was pretty much up on things, but having moved away, I feel as if I have been left somewhat in the dark. However, now that I have signed up to receive your email, I am a step ahead of the game and able to retrieve information before the event happens and possibly attend events of choice or purchase items while they are still hot off the press.

I also want to say, I simply loved the flash card for the new Gotta Have Gospel CD, which is a great compilation project for gospel music lovers. Stay in the spirit and continue to be a blessing to the body of Christ. Gwen Finley (11/12/2003)  

Well I'm now in Germany leaving for the States. I was recently in Iraq on many mission. When a Christian friend and soldier told me that I just had to listen to her Smokie Norful CD. So of course, I flip through every song and felt the anointing upon the cd and I just had to go get it. So I bought the cd and I can surely say that it bless and strengthen me to get through Operation Iraqi Freedom. Smokie through that CD, you blessed me and others. I pray that God bless you so much that you want have room enough to store your many blessings. May God Bless. Quention Lee Jr. (11/08/2003)  

Hi. First let me say I have just recently discovered you site, and I am absolutely thrilled you are here. Kudos!! There is just so much wonderful info to be found. I only wish i could have found this sooner. I am concerned though about this growing trend of acceptance to "crossing over" gospel music. What does that mean? Does crossing over mean compromising yourself, your music ministry, and your beliefs? Why does the music industry demand its artists to be on both gospel and secular charts? Why are christains accepting this, just to get a contract? Is the dollar really worth your soul? Anyway thanks to this wonderful web site, i can see a lot of interviews with the artists, which causes me to wonder, what about the anointing? Is that discussed at the contract table or just the units that need to be sold? Thanks. Alecia Whitehead (07/07/2003)  

Every member of the Body of Christ, owes it to themselves to read the latest editorial: "Does It Matter?" by Gerard Bonner (link). With the state of gospel music and ministry today, it's becoming increasingly more difficult to make any distinction between who's representing Christ and who's representing self. We all could stand to examine ourselves daily, as well as discern (not judge) the motives of those who claim to represent our Heavenly Father! Kudos to GospelFlava.com and Mr. Bonner for an excellent, timely article! Minister Mark D. Ingram (06/10/2003)  

Up until a few weeks ago, I had never heard of Youthful Praise. I just purchased the CD recently and I think that this group of young people is an inspiration. So many youth groups and choirs are so contemporary that they lose the anointing and the songs don't even minister to the spirit. But Youthful Praise definitely did not let me down and I would recommend it to anyone. Because of this site I have heard about many groups that are not mainstream and widespread and I thank you for supporting groups and choirs like Youthful Praise. I was truly blessed to find a site devoted to spreading Gospel. V. Stillman, New Mexico (04/10/2003)  

I am a soldier in the US Army, I am stationed in Georgia. Your web site has blessed me tremendously, without your site i would not know what my favorite artists were doing or getting to know new artists. This is the best site for Gospel music on the net today. I thank God for you and your staff for the great job you're doing. I would like for you to let me know of artists in England, ie, Siana, Nujoi, and others. If you can recommend a site or feature them in any upcoming articles that would be great. Thank you. Sgt. M.W. Jackson (03/06/2003)  

I just want to say thank you for puting this web site on here. I'm 12 years old and I just want to say that this is a blessing. I watch Lexi's baby boy and I miss him and it was good seeing him on Gospelflava.com. I'm so happy and thank you once again. God bless. Jessica. E. Bell (05/10/2002)  

I like this! I like it a lot!! Giving props to the music that has brought us as black people through. When you hear the verse, "sometimes my soul looks back and wonders how we made it over." It was through songs and the spirit in the songs. It gives honor to the Most High God and encourages dialouge without all the nonsensical hip-hop drama. I must admit that I am one of those individuals who has always avoided internet "chat rooms", but this is cool, way cool. You guys ROCK!!!! Norleska Hannah (02/19/2002)  

I'm an Instructor of Music at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and bringing American Gospel Music not only to the campus but into the classroom for credit. In an academic enviroment it is essential to have current, accurate and impressively-presented information. Gospelflava.com has raised the bar, redefined excellence, and brought a new level of professionalism and respect for OUR genre of music. Can't wait to see what's next! Kevin P. Turner, Director, UAB Gospel Choir (01/19/2002)  

Greetings in the matchless name of Jesus Christ. I first of all want to thank you for the spirit of excellence on your website. I frequent it everyweek to catch up on the latest in the industry. To my suprise, I saw an article you did on me, and I personally want to thank you for your support, but most of all the prayers that you lifted on my behalf. I am an humble servant of worship, and it is my desire that we all pant for him as David did in Psalm 42. May God richly bless you and the wonderful writer of the article. Byron Cage (12/09/2001)  

I would like to thank you for such a wonderful site , it keeps me up to date with everything that is happening in Gospel Music. I received the music that I won in your contest and I must say there are some anointed artists out there who I had never heard of before, and through you I have been blessed to listen to their music. Keep up the good work. Yours in the Lord, Bruce Gangata (Zimbabwe) (11/29/2001)  

I just want to take this moment to thank everyone of you that have prayed for me, supported me, covered me and caused this "LIVE IN LONDON..AND MORE" CD to go PLATINUM!!! To God goes all of the glory and praise. But I've got to honor you who have shown your love and brotherhood to my ministry.

Thank you, GOSPELFLAVA, for all of your support and for the ministry that this website serves to the entire body of Christ. You have constantly honored and blessed me and asked nothing in return. Your faithfulness to God and our music is landmark. I cannot be like the 9 who walked away from Jesus, after He healed them, without saying "THANK YOU" Please keep me in your prayers as I represent Jesus to the world. I thank God for you all!! Donnie McClurkin (11/15/2001)  

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! It is so much of a blessing to have a website that is all about Gospel Music. I am addicted to your web site, I log on to it every single day. I enjoy the message board where christians can intermingle and share ideals on different subjects. I have even met good friends through your web site. May God continue to pour out his blessings upon you in theses last and evils days! God Bless. Thomas Chandler (10/29/2001)  

I just want you to know how much I appreciate your many features on the reunion. Commissioned is EASILY the most influential group in the history of gospel music! They have and still mean so much to my personal walk with Christ.

Before Commissioned I listened to a little gospel hear and there but after Go Tell Somebody it became the dominant wax on my turntable. Then the music became almost secondary as I began to understand the profound thought behind their powerful lyrics. In my first year of Law School there were only six African-Americans in my first year class and three of us were saved. We listened to Commissioned nearly every night and engaged in what we now know was praise & worship. We would study and praise, study and worship, study and pray, all set to Commissioned's wonderful music.

The three of us are spread across the country now but whenever we talk we include memories of those "Commissioned Nights" when we really began to have intimate experiences with our Savior and he became a friend and brother and not just a story in a book. Because of Commissioned, we came to know God for ourselves because these young men our age showed us how sweet it could be to trust in Jesus!

Thank you again!!!! David Young (10/15/2001)  

I am just going *CRAZY* right now!! If I could run around this office, you betta believe I would. I was so excited to see all of the articles and tributes given to Commissioned on your website.

I just praise God for GospelFlava.com!!! There is no other place I could find stuff like this. I am a huge Commissioned/Fred Hammond fan! I just saw Fred in concert a couple of weeks ago at the Forum in L.A. I want to go the Commissioned reunion concert so bad...it's killing me!!!

But I don't think I"ll be able to make it out to Detroit so I will be visiting GospelFlava.com regularly to get the latest updates. Thank you so much for providing this information. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it!!!! God Bless. Jia Middlebrooks (10/13/2001)  

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