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Insider with Karima Kibble

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Until now, Karima Kibble has been known for her role in the ground-breaking female group Virtue, the smooth-sounding soulful ensemble that has been delivering hits for years. Karima now enters with her first solo project, titled Just Karima, a project that serves to launch Life Music Recordings, her own record label.

GOSPELflava.com took some time to speak with her to get to know her a little bit more. Check out the following Insider Interview.

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What fictional character would you like to hang out with? I sooo love "Madea"... Tyler Perry is hilarious!
What color of clothing do you never wear? I'm a lover of all colors! I have yet to dislike a color, though of course that can change depending on the style of clothing it's in...LOLOL...
If you had to move to another country, where would we find you? Though I haven't been (yet!), I have heard wonderful things about the "Motherland".. Africa, South that is.
Your secret talent? Cooking and photography.I love to cook a homemade meal with fresh vegetables and special seasonings (thanks Mom!) and I have a secret passion for photography! I would venture to say that I take thousands a year and look forward to taking a formal class on photography so that I can really learn to grasp all of the elements that are available through the eye of a camera!
What is your screen saver? My sweet Karly Joelle - I just love that girl!!
What makes you upset? What makes me upset most is when I'm being completely honest about something and I'm not being heard selfishly by the person I'm sharing with... and oh, CLUTTER! I just can't stand it!
What is seriously underrated? I think that African-American film makers, directors and actors are completely underrated. We have AMAZING talent in the film industry as a whole (behind the scenes included) and it saddens me to think how much talent is undiscovered or not recognized with the highest honors. So until we are, I salute the unsung film industry talents of our generation!!
If you were invisible for a day, you would....? I would provide for as many families as I possibly could without them ever knowing. I have such a heart for the underserved and single mothers, and my spirit cries out for those who are in need.
What CD are you trying to find? I am looking for my Brandy, Full Moon CD!! Someone swiped it, I'm just convinced!! LOL!
Favorite team? The New Orleans Saints, baby!!
What character would you like to be on TV? I love Kristoff St. John on The Young and the Restless and Grey's Anatomy. Either would work for me!! Shoot, create me a role and I'm there!! LOL!
What is your preferred Jeopardy category? I usually hit right on in the music/film categories on Jeopardy (no brainer! LOL!), but I would say that I'm really intrigued with history and am quite surprised by how much I know!
Who is the most interesting person in Gospel? You know, I find EVERYONE in Gospel interesting... You know why??. Because no matter where you think a person is, if you sit down and listen to their heart through the songs on their CDs, you can often find the most interesting stories and lessons a person/group has learned that you never thought they may have experienced.

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— insider interview by Steven Jones
(September, 2009)

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